How are surrogate mothers screened



Life is full of uncertainty. Unfortunately, this uncertainty exceeds the inconsistency of the reproductive cycle and makes infertility even more difficult for those struggling to overcome it. While medications can provide solutions, they will never give exact results, which can create additional stress for parents-to-be trying to achieve their parenting dreams.

Fortunately, New Life has consistently high success rates and the medical risks associated with performing IVF procedures in our reputable clinics are extremely low. The main risks are often financial and emotional, but those risks are minimal with New Life programs and the end result is worth the trip: a happy, healthy baby in your arms. With the highest quality care, absolute dedication, and patient counseling throughout the duration of your program that will result in a baby call your own, you can eliminate undue emotional stress associated with the IVF procedure.

Your baby, a maximum of 3 fresh IVF cycles

The majority of our parents have given the joy of parenting on their first or second attempt at one of our surrogacy or egg donation programs.

We are so confident in our results and the ability to make your dreams of parenting a reality. If circumstances call for attempts beyond three fresh IVF programs, you will be free of charge for each subsequent attempt.

While IVFs tend to have a limited success rate, New Life has worked tirelessly to make sure our rates are high in order to remove as much financial and emotional stress as possible.

Options for quick success

If your journey brought you to New Life because you have already gone through enough failed IVF attempts, we will be able to help. When you are ready to have your baby in your arms as soon as possible, we can increase your chances of a successful pregnancy by choosing two surrogate mothers at the same time. In this case, fresh embryos will be transferred to both surrogate mothers, which will significantly reduce the waiting time for your baby and increase the success rate (95% success rate on the first attempt, 5% on the second attempt). Please note that if you choose this option it can lead to two successful pregnancies. We don't endorse the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčabortion in New Life, and expectant parents are contractually bound to keep all babies and fund the pregnancies.

Donor and surrogate mother screening

All of our egg donors and surrogate mothers are carefully screened. If they do not meet the established standards, they will not be included in the database of potential applicants. 80% of our donors gave the miracle of life with a successful pregnancy and produced 15 to 25 high quality eggs. This is how New Life has achieved such remarkable success rates and our worldwide reputation in the infertility field. Our multinational donor database is recommended in clinics around the world to patients struggling with infertility and because of their trust in us, doctors regularly require our donors to travel abroad.

Guaranteed number of eggs

Although most of our donors have previously provided high quality eggs, we cannot offer a guaranteed number of eggs. While empty follicles are extremely rare, affecting only 1% of our donors, the possibility still exists. Since the mother-to-be pays the egg donor directly, we at New Life do not offer any split egg donation programs. We guarantee that the unique eggs from your carefully selected donor will not be shared with other parents.