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Kansas City - The largest city in Missouri

Kansas City? Isn't that in the state of Kansas? Nope, it's not. Kansas City is actually in Missouri and is actually the largest city in that state.

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The US state of Missouri has a lot of fans. Perhaps this is due to its central location, which enables relatively uncomplicated trips to Kentucky and Tennessee, Arkansas or Oklahoma - to name just four of a total of seven neighboring states.

But maybe it is also due to the fact that the country is crossed by two world-famous rivers, the Missouri River and the Mississippi. It could also be the wild nature and the comparatively thin population that attracts many tourists to Missouri. Friends of outdoor activities will feel like they are in paradise here.

Whatever the reason for a trip to Missouri - Kansas City is an essential part of the travel itinerary and is worth much more than just a stopover or an overnight stay. Excuse me, Kansas City? Isn't that in the state of Kansas? Nope, it's not. Kansas City is actually in Missouri and is actually the largest city in that state. But admittedly, a very small part of it protrudes over the border and is actually located in Kansas.

Downtown KC - a district like no other

In the USA, "KC" is short and sweet when it comes to Kansas City. The city has everything travelers could want and expect from America, but it is not overcrowded. But on the contrary. Thanks to the revitalization of Downtown KC, which was only vigorously completed a few years ago, the visitor has ample opportunities to shop, stroll, eat and drink, and listen to music. Music, and especially jazz, was and is a big topic in Kansas City. This is best experienced in the “Power & Light District”. This area, which is named after a skyscraper, comprises nine street blocks that were developed around ten years ago exclusively for restaurants, shops and entertainment. There is always live music for visitors in the bars as well as in the public spaces. That is why something is allowed here that is strictly forbidden almost everywhere in the USA: Drinks that have been bought in restaurants can be taken outside with you. The entire complex also includes a hotel, a cinema and the newly renovated "Midland Theater", which originally dates from 1927.


Art and culture - in the museum and elsewhere

Culture is very important in Kansas City, and not just when it comes to the fine arts. Corporate culture also applies here a lot. This can be wonderfully demonstrated at the headquarters of Hallmark (Hallmark Visitor Center, 2501 McGee Ave.) and Harley-Davidson (Harley-Davidson Vehicle & Powertrain Operation Plan, 11401 N Congress Ave.). Harley fans can register for a guided tour here; at Hallmark, the exhibition on the almost one hundred year history of the greeting card company is open every day except Sundays. The “great” culture is then celebrated in two renowned museums that have different focuses. The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (4420 Warwick Blvd) is all about modern art; The permanent one is extremely worth seeing and shows works by Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock, among others. In addition, the museum management organizes ten to twelve top-class special exhibitions every year.

Art lovers should also visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (4525 Oak Street). It houses collections of European and American painting and also has an outstanding collection of art from China. By the way, there is also the historical photo collection of the greeting card manufacturer Hallmark to be seen in the museum.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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But now out into the open!

After so much art and culture, would you like a breath of fresh air? Then an aimless walk is worthwhile. No matter where you stroll in Kansas City, you will come across a fountain. In the "City of Fountains", as the city is also called, there are quite a few of them. To be precise, Kansas City has the second largest number of fountains in the world. In this respect, the city is only surpassed by Rome.

Some of these fountains are also in Swope Park. This green lung of Kansas City on East Meyer Boulevard spans seven square kilometers. Here you can come here at any time of the year and do some sport, relax and unwind and in summer just laze around. The Kansas City Zoo, which is one of the top ten animal parks in America, also belongs to the area. A visit here is therefore especially mandatory if children are part of the tour group.