Is Edmonton big or small city

Alberta: This mall is the size of a small town

Canada's Province of Alberta

Alberta is one of ten Canadian provinces and named after Louise Caroline Alberta, Queen Victoria's sixth child. Louise was considered the most beautiful of the queen's daughters, and the province of Alberta is appropriately called “Canada's beautiful west”.

It is almost as big as France and characterized by steppe prairie landscape and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Because of the altitude, the average temperatures in northern Alberta often drop to minus 24 degrees Celsius.

In addition to its abundance of snow, Alberta is known for its oil sand deposits, after Saudi Arabia it is the region with the largest oil reserves in the world. That makes Alberta the richest of the Canadian provinces. In addition, she is traditionally the most conservative, which earned her the nickname "Texas North".

About 70,000 indigenous people are among the 3.6 million inhabitants. More than 20 percent of citizens state that they have German ancestors. The “Calgary Stampede” is the world's largest open-air rodeo show every year in the city of the same name - the next time in July 2020.

Edmonton's mall is a tourist attraction

The provincial capital Edmonton (933,000 inhabitants) has the “West Edmonton Mall”, the largest shopping center in North America in terms of area. The 49 hectares correspond to about 69 soccer fields, which is roughly the size of a small town.