Is Islam a cancer for the world?

When a friend or relative dies it is always very sad. Have you ever experienced that too? Muslims have a consolation. For them, death is far from over.

Muslims consider life on earth to be a gift and a duty from Allah. At the end of life on earth, according to her, only the body dies. The human soul lives on. Muslims believe that at some point there will be a “day of resurrection” on which they will meet Allah. Until then, the grave for the dead is the abode of their soul.

Muslims believe in:

All people have to justify their lives to Allah. Therefore, two angels ask every deceased about their beliefs and convictions immediately after death. If the deceased really believed in Allah and lived his life with good intentions and used it well, then he may continue to live in paradise. Otherwise his path leads to hell.
However, good and bad deeds are not easy to count. Only Allah knows how the deceased used his entire life and under what circumstances he lived.

With this belief, Muslims trust that Allah will forgive them for mistakes if they repent. In addition, they rely on the absolute mercy and justice of Allah.

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