Law schools should give grades

Calculation of the final grade

If the overall grade of a module is made up of two or more parts, the arithmetic mean is calculated according to the credit points for the respective parts (Section 12 Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 BAMA-O).

Examples are the exercises for advanced learners (modules ZIV, SIV and ÖIV), where a written exam and a term paper are necessary to pass the module and 50% each (see. § 12 Abs. 2 S. 3 BAMA-O) are included in the overall module grade.


Module ZIVGrade points
First legal exam
Grade LL.B.Module grade
House work73,0



This example also makes it clear that in a module consisting of several partial services, one (finally) failed partial service is compensated for by the other, correspondingly better partial service, so that the module as a whole can still be passed (Section 12 (2) sentence 2, 2nd half-sentence BAMA-O). This is particularly relevant for the ZIV-SIV modules (advanced exercises). More details can be found here.

Note: Section 11 (10) BAMA-O does not apply. The module grade is therefore Not truncated after the first decimal place (Paragraph 10 No. 1: here = 2.8) and then the value of the grading scale closest to this grade, with the same distance the better selected (Paragraph 10 No. 2 in conjunction with Paragraph 3: here 2.7). Section 11 (10) BAMA-O applies exclusively to the assessment of a single (partial) performance by two different examiners, but not when determining the average grade for two different partial performances.