What was your Eagle Scout project

Hello! My name is Aditheya Mahendrababu, and I am currently a junior at Dulles High School and a Life Scout in Troop 616 (Sam Houston Area Council) working on an Eagle Scout Project. I have been in the Boy Scouts program for the last five years and have worked on several community service projects, learned many different skills, and developed leadership skills through various roles within the Troop. My Eagle Scout Project is to plan, develop, and lead a service project that benefits the community. I plan to develop a robotics program for Fort Bend Hope, a non-profit educational organization, to expose young students to the world of STEM.

Fort Bend Hope is a non-profit organization located in Rosenberg, TX that offers extracurricular educational opportunities to people of all ages. A few examples include teaching non-native speakers English over Zoom and tutoring young children after school. One of their big focus areas is to give elementary and middle school aged students unique learning opportunities that they otherwise would not have access to. One way I hope to help their students and expand their offerings is by creating a STEM focused initiative with a robotics program to introduce children to the exciting world of designing, building, and programming a robot.

My project is to design a fun and engaging robotics program for students between first and sixth grade. I plan to create a curriculum with lesson plans outlining how to build and program a robot from scratch to complete various tasks as well as build robotic fields. I will also teach the volunteers of Fort Bend Hope this curriculum to make sure they are fully equipped to teach future students these robotics skills. As this is a brand new program, I plan to build a field for the robot to interact with and provide the initial building materials needed for the students to create a long lasting robot. For the fundraiser I hope to get at least $ 650 to buy robotics kits for the program’s participants and the materials needed for the robot’s field. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you consider donating!