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The higher the requirement, the stronger the Knauf solution


Modern building means: drywall

Benefits of drywall

Lightweight construction with massive advantages

Modern drywall has numerous advantages

The time is ripe for a new way of thinking - and building. It is time for modern drywall construction from Knauf, because it offers the right solution for every requirement. Particular stability and robustness? High sound insulation? Climate impact? Optimal use of space? Knauf Trockenbau impresses with its outstanding performance values ​​and sets standards - with holistic, future-oriented concepts for new construction, renovation and upgrading. The result: a maximum of utility and quality.

Acoustics & sound


Noise disturbs. Noise makes you sick. The demands placed on sound insulation are therefore higher than ever. In contrast to all conventional solid construction methods, dry construction systems from Knauf can meet all protection and comfort requirements on floors, walls and ceilings. For example, the special Knauf Silentboard soundproofing panel - alone or in conjunction with the multifunctional Knauf Diamant gypsum board - enables slim wall systems with the highest level of soundproofing. A special feature is their performance in the low-frequency range. With Knauf Silentboard, the highest sound insulation levels defined by the DEGA - German Society for Acoustics e.V. can be achieved in an extremely economical way.

Room acoustics

In terms of design, ceilings have a major influence on the atmosphere and look of an interior. In addition, the ceiling level has qualified as a multifunctional medium in modern architecture. Building physical requirements such as acoustics, room climate and lighting can be effectively bundled here. Aesthetics and precision, individuality and rationality - Knauf Cleaneo® acoustic designer ceilings are the reliable basis for implementing the ceiling as a convincing part of an architectural room idea. In addition to the reverberation time regulation, ball impact safety, fire protection F 30 or F 90, room climate optimization and noise protection are also met.

Fire protection

Fire protection from Knauf has always meant: systematic safety. This applies to tested constructions and system solutions for wall, ceiling and floor systems in general up to special requirements such as beam and column cladding, Cubo room-in-room systems, cable and ventilation ducts, timber construction in building class 4, up to DIN -Constructions.

Since fire protection is seldom the only requirement that is placed on a building task, Knauf constructions often meet other performance features in addition to the pure fire protection properties. The added value a selected construction provides beyond fire protection, for example increased sound insulation or a particularly robust surface, is clearly shown in the relevant planning documents from Knauf.

Comprehensive information on the subject of fire protection with systems and products from Knauf can also be found in the Knauf fire protection folder.

Wall & ceiling


Light Knauf system walls stand in a special way for flexibility, efficiency and economy. They stand for fire protection, noise protection, robustness and high surface quality in residential and commercial buildings as well as in public buildings. Even burglar-proof and bullet-resistant walls for extreme requirements, e.g. in the security areas of banks, police stations or panic rooms, can now be implemented with Knauf constructions.

With standard and special constructions for fire and shaft walls or detailed solutions such as sword connections, ceiling and floor connections or the sound and fire protection upgrade of existing walls, Knauf offers the coordinated system solution for every requirement.


Whether private, commercial or public buildings - in the context of aesthetic and functional room planning, the ceiling design is a particular challenge. Shape and color, acoustics and noise protection have a strong influence on the room atmosphere. Fire protection must also guarantee comprehensive safety from above. Knauf ceiling systems combine all of these diverse requirements.

Particularly in the case of elaborately designed ceiling installations, the quality of the detailed work is becoming increasingly important. Knauf molded parts make an essential contribution here in order to combine the highest degree of precision with economic efficiency. Fast assembly thanks to a high degree of prefabrication and perfect surfaces - that is contemporary construction.

Knauf supports architects and specialist planners at an early stage in the planning phase. The Knauf FormBar online service tool clearly shows the design options - combined with specific offers for the planning phase.

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Loft conversion

Unused reserves of space lie dormant under many roofs. Knauf systems for loft extensions offer optimal solutions here - in terms of building physics, design and economy. Well-engineered substructures offer enough space to easily move all installations. Thanks to its special edge for high-quality drywall construction, for example, the gypsum board Knauf Diamant 20 Panel is particularly suitable for lining sloping ceilings. A wide range of accessories for transitions and connections not only facilitates expansion, but also enables technically perfect solutions down to the last detail.

Full creativity - on bending and folding

Remove static room boundaries, create spherical room dynamics or set accentuating room elements - current architecture and interior design concepts use round, curved or sculpturally curved surfaces and shapes to create individual, emotional room atmospheres. With plasterboard from Knauf, such shapes can be clad in a perfect and at the same time rational way. Knauf boards can be bent dry or wet, depending on the board thickness and the required radius. Curved walls with the Knauf Sinus profile can be created very easily with the appropriately prepared panels.

For more complex requirements, however, it is advisable to use prefabrication by Knauf, for example folding and bending technology. Knauf Falttechnik consists of molded elements or plasterboard with factory-made mitring. In addition to a dimensionally accurate, rational and economic implementation, this guarantees new freedom for creativity, in harmony with innovative building technology. The Knauf folding technique is ideal for designing with staggered levels, creates perfect transitions and perfectly integrates the separation of the most varied of functions. Whether light coves, indirect light, clean finishing edges, ceiling projections or edge protection without filling: Knauf folding technology can be processed flexibly and economically and enables every design requirement.

The factory-bent profiles from Knauf Biegetechnik and bent molded parts made of plasterboard are usually delivered ready-made to the construction site for ceiling design solutions, or they are bent on site. Impressive interior effects can be achieved with S-bends, segment bends, outside and inside bends as well as those with straight extensions and support cladding. Elements that are bent at the factory and glued in several layers also enable design variants such as wave-shaped curved shells and conical sections. Filling work on the surface is not necessary, as the mold plates already have a smooth surface.

Room-in-room system Knauf Cubo

With the room-in-room system Knauf Cubo, independent room units can be integrated into existing rooms in dry construction with little effort - with high performance values ​​in terms of noise and fire protection. Examples are offices in production halls, escape tunnels, sanitary units in loft apartments or music practice rooms so that neighbors are not disturbed, and much more. In the gallery version, Knauf Cubo can even be walked on and used as additional storage and storage space.

Aquapanel® Cement Board: masters every requirement

Aquapanel® Cement Board Indoor

The lightweight cement board for outstanding wall protection

Low weight, high performance: the walls in swimming pools and steam saunas are exposed to high loads. And even higher in commercial kitchens or laundries due to the use of chemical substances. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor offers maximum protection here. The cement board is easy to scratch or break. And thanks to its bendability, it can easily be brought into the desired shape. This is room design with a future.

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is made from mineral materials and is water and mold resistant. Even under the most difficult conditions, it offers exceptional stability in wet areas - even when exposed to chlorine.

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The cement-bound building board for rooms with high levels of moisture and humidity

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite is much more than a simple cement board. It is a crucial part of a high-quality ceiling system, the elements of which are ideally matched to one another, from the base and support profile to the joint and surface filler to the primer

Whether swimming pool or communal shower - where ceilings are exposed to high levels of moisture and moisture, the ceiling system shows its trump cards. It is 100% water-resistant and resistant to mold infestation. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Skylite is only 8 mm thick and is the lightest cement-bonded building board. This not only facilitates overhead assembly. But in combination with their small bending radius, they can also be used to implement special design requirements.

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Pommel diamond

... solves everything with one plate

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Knauf Drystar. The system behind dry walls and ceilings.

Anyone who uses drywall solutions in damp and wet rooms can now count on Knauf Drystar.

The tested Knauf Drystar Board with the innovative combination of high-tech fleece and special plaster core has a water-repellent effect and is mold-resistant - the safe solution for damp and wet rooms in almost every area of ​​use.

The Drystar system:
Simply process like GKB. Complete with Drystar spatula and corrosion-protected substructure - Drywall can be so uncomplicated!


Drystar - perfectly matched to damp and wet rooms

The high-quality and coordinated Drystar components allow a safe and durable wall and ceiling construction:

  • Drystar board: Special gypsum board with a water-repellent fleece jacket in building material class A2-s1-d0 corresponds to type GM-FH1IR in accordance with DIN EN 15283-1
  • Drystar filler: the only powder spatula for mixing with the advantages of a pasty material
  • Drystar screws: Safety and quality with optimal screw-in behavior
  • Substructure: C3 (black) for increased corrosion exposure, e.g. B. in shared bathrooms, and C5M (blue) for the highest levels of corrosion, e.g. B. on the swimming pool ceiling

To the Drystar range

Drystar - perfect in workmanship and surfaces

The core of the Drystar system is the Drystar plate. It consists of a special plaster core and an applied high-tech fleece. In connection with the other components, the Drystar system offers you real advantages:

  • Can be used in almost all damp and wet areas, as it has been tested to be water-repellent and mold-resistant
  • Ideal substrate for tiles (with sealing system depending on requirements)
  • Safe and fast processing like conventional plasterboard and using C3 / C5M assembly technology (with corrosion protection)
  • Free space for modern room design with curved and folded constructions
  • Uncomplicated use, as all components and services from a single source

To the Drystar record

Drystar - perfect for a humid room climate

Drystar is the logical extension of the Knauf product range for economical and safe use in wet rooms, for example:

  • Sauna vestibules, changing rooms, relaxation rooms
  • Pool landscapes, indoor swimming pools
  • Bathrooms and toilets

Find out more about Knauf Moisture Protection here

Domestic area

Kitchen, bathroom and toilet, utility roomrecommendationSuitableSuitable
Wellness area- recommendationSuitable
swimming pool1- - recommendation
Sports and leisure facilitiesLoungesrecommendationSuitableSuitable
Wellness area, swimming pool2- recommendationSuitable
Large shower- - recommendation
Hotels and restaurantsBathroom in the hotel room, visitor toiletrecommendationSuitableSuitable
Wellness area, swimming pool2- recommendationSuitable
Laundry, large kitchen, swimming pool1- - recommendation
Health and care facilitiesBathroom in the hospital room, visitor toiletrecommendationSuitableSuitable
shared bathroom- recommendationSuitable
Laundry, laboratory, large kitchen- - recommendation
Office and administration buildings, training and cultural facilitiesVisitor toiletrecommendationSuitableSuitable
shared bathroom- recommendationSuitable
big kitchen- - recommendation
recommendationThis plate is unreservedly recommended for its intended use.
SuitableThis plate is suitable for the purpose.
- This plate is unsuitable for the purpose.

1 Swimming pool without monitored ventilation
2 Swimming pool with monitored ventilation
Area of ​​application for swimming pools considering the planning according to VDI 2069 and DIN EN 15288.

Knauf Sliding Door System Pocket Kit - The way to more living space

The advantages

The Knauf Pocket Kit advantages at a glance

With the new Knauf Pocket Kit sliding door system, Knauf is once again setting standards in high-quality residential construction. Pocket Kit is the result of our many years of experience and intensive development work. The system is consistently trimmed for practice and has a lot to offer:

  • Simple storage - only 1 kit for door leaf widths from 610 to 985 mm
  • Convenient transport thanks to its small pack size
  • Can be used with one wing or two wings with 2 coupled kits
  • Use of standard door leaves (glass + wood)
  • Ball-bearing carriages ensure optimal running smoothness
  • Fast one-man assembly

Knauf Pocket Kit allows sliding doors to run smoothly in the wall and is particularly suitable in situations where space is most urgently needed: The system creates additional storage space and also allows the installation of standard doors and frames.

The sliding door system for stud walls is variable for door leaf widths from 610 to 985 mm in the standard range and for special sizes up to a width of 1800 mm and a height of 2700 mm with a maximum door leaf weight of 120 kg. This means that Knauf Pocket Kit is also suitable for barrier-free construction where, depending on the relevant guidelines, passage widths of 90 cm are generally required.

You can find detailed product information here.

The systems at a glance

For over 80% of all door openings: Knauf Pocket Kit
  • for installation in drywall
  • prepared for wooden door leaf running in the wall for CW 75 mm and CW 100 mm
  • Door leaf height 1985 mm and 2110 mm
  • Door leaf widths 610/735/860/995 mm
  • Glass door with optional glass clamping jaws
For heights up to 2700 mm: Knauf Pocket Kit extra high
  • Door leaf height up to 2700 mm in connection with two-layer cladding
  • Door leaf height> 2300 mm in connection with filler reveal
For tailor-made solutions: Knauf Pocket Kit Special
  • all larger widths and heights are adapted to your requirements
  • CW 100 mm in connection with two-layer planking
NEW: filler reveal

For sliding doors without door frames, Knauf offers aluminum profiles for filling for reveals with high edge stability. These are easy to assemble and offer very high edge stability with an excellent finish.

Find out more on the product page.

This is how the Knauf Pocket Kit is installed

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