Why doesn't Apple sponsor anything

Apple leads the way in product placements in films

The marketing service Brandchannel has published its annual list of the most frequent product placements in American cinema. The "Brandcameo Product Placement Awards" put the iPhone manufacturer Apple in the lead in 2014. In nine of the 35 films that were in front of the box office on a weekend in the USA last year, the apple logo appeared.

Brandchannel not only counts the products mentioned, such as MacBooks or iPhones, but also entire scenes that have Apple as their content, such as a visit to an Apple retail store in the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" film. Apple also appears in other blockbusters such as "Gone Girl", "The Fault in Our Stars" or the Oscar-winning flick "Birdman".

Apple received the top title just ahead of two companies that share second place: Sony and Coca-Cola were only mentioned in one film less. Brandchannel also awarded "minus points": Apple subsidiary Beats received the "Prize for the worst product placement 2014". In "Transformers: Age of Extinction" a material called "Transformium" is turned into a loudspeaker.

Traditionally, Apple shouldn't put any money into product placements - at least that's what insider circles have been saying for years. Instead, the company gives its technology to productions free of charge, which is then loaned out. There should be a separate department in Cupertino for this purpose. Most recently, a whole episode of "Modern Family" played on Apple devices, even here Apple paid nothing. (bsc)

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