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Twitter tests Trump's tweets

"Find out the facts about postal voting" - Twitter attached this notice to two short messages from US President Donald Trump. In the two tweets, the US president claims that the postal vote encourages electoral fraud. The link associated with the notice leads to a Twitter page on which Trump's statements are rejected as "unfounded". The fact check cites, among other things, the broadcaster CNN and the newspaper "Washington Post", who are recognized as critics of the 73-year-old.

Trump falsely claimed that California would send postal voting documents to everyone in the state - "regardless of who they are or how they got there." In fact, only registered voters would receive postal ballot papers. Ballot papers would be stolen, forged, "illegally printed" and "fraudulently filled out," Trump also warned. Twitter wrote: "Experts say that postal voting is very rarely associated with voting fraud."

Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio said it wasn't Twitter's first fact check. However, it is the first time that Trump has been subjected to the procedure.

Trump's allegations related to upcoming elections in a California district for a vacant seat in the House of Representatives. Governor Gavin Newsom wants to expand postal voting options due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump's Republicans are fighting back because they fear it could benefit Newsom's Democratic Party.

New rules

For Trump, Twitter is one of the most important channels for spreading his political messages. He permanently uses the service to harshly attack political opponents and to extol his government work. Often the tweets of the US president are denounced by critics as a distortion or disregard of the facts. Nevertheless, Twitter had never pointed out possible fake news from the US President. Two weeks ago, however, the company tightened its rules against spreading false news.

Trump reacted with indignation to the fact check - of course by tweet: "Twitter completely suppresses freedom of speech, and I, as President, will not allow that," he railed.

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