Are there eye drops for Styes?

HYLO FRESH® Eye drop:
The freshness kick for your eyes

Refreshment for tired eyes

HYLO FRESH® Moisturizing eye drops give stressed, tired eyes new freshness. Air that is too dry or long work in front of the screen strain the eyes and dry them out. The tear film tears, the eyes are red and sting.
here we can HYLO FRESH® Eye drops with hyaluronic acid and eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) help. They fill up the insufficient tear film, moisturize the surface of the eye and give the eyes moisture and new freshness.


For irritated eyes from dry air, contact lenses or work at a computer screen: HYLO FRESH® eye drop

When the eyes dry out and tire from environmental stress HYLO FRESH® just the right remedy. Influences such as a dry room climate, drafts, strong sunlight, dust or pollen irritate the surface of the eye and dry out the natural tear film. Wearing contact lenses can also impair the wetting of fluids in the eye. The result: the eyes tire quickly, are red and sting.

Nowadays, the intensive use of smartphones, tablets, computers and the like is particularly problematic. When working on a screen, the eyes focus heavily on a small area. Because of the concentration, the eyelids blink much less often than usual. Due to the lack of blinking, the tear fluid is insufficiently distributed on the surface of the eye and the fluid film tears. Typical symptoms of overstrained, tired eyes such as redness, burning or swelling of the eyelids occur. Help here too HYLO FRESH® Moisturizing eye drops to get the eyes fit again.


Watchful eyes - thanks to hyaluronic acid and euphrasia

HYLO FRESH® In addition to the ingredient hyaluronic acid, moisturizing eye drops also contain an extract from Euphrasia officialis, better known as eyebright. It has been used traditionally for centuries in the treatment of eye inflammation and irritation to soothe burning, reddened eyes.

In the HYLO FRESH® The hyaluronic acid it contains is in the form of the salt sodium hyaluronate. It causes the eye drops to have a more viscous consistency compared to water, so that the liquid sticks to the surface of the eye longer and can counteract dehydration.

HYLO FRESH® Moisturizing eye drops are free from preservatives, which can damage the eyes and trigger intolerance reactions. In addition, the HYLO FRESH® Eye drops - like all products from HYLO EYE CARE® - on the use of phosphates. Phosphate can lead to the formation of calcium deposits on damaged corneas1.