What brands make the best summer clothes

These 10 brands make absolute must-have fashion


Even if some of you probably already know this brand, we still want to mention it here. We love Weekday. The design is just so wonderfully edgy and cool and makes us look like real street style bloggers in a matter of seconds. Our must-have fashion brand!



Although Uniqlo is already an absolute fashion giant in Asia, the brand is still quite unknown here in Germany. It's a shame, because Uniqlo sells really great basics with great quality at fair prices. It is also practical that some of your clothing is really functional and, for example, also suitable for cold temperatures.



Fashionistas please read on directly. You certainly already know Topshop inside and out. Anyone who is not that familiar with the British brand should go to their online shop and take a look at the label's incredibly beautiful fashion. Boho vibes meet trendy street style here. We love!



Arket? Ever heard It's kind of like H&M for adults. The fashion from Arket is particularly clean and chic, but of course in classic Scandinavian understatement. Although the clothes are not cheap, they are characterized by a very good quality and high-quality materials. Be sure to check out!



Ok, ok, mango should also be a term for most of them. Yet had to we also list the label here. Why? Because we just love mango. The clothes always look a bit as if we were on a beautiful finca in Ibiza and, with our casual styling, would throw a vino evening on our veranda.



What we like most about Bershka is that the fashion looks extraordinary and trendy without tearing a huge hole in our wallets. In addition, the brand's garments are extremely easy to combine with one another. Being cool made easy, so to speak! The best thing to do is to check things out right away. Maybe you fall in love with one of the parts right away?



Reserved is such a brand that is actually really great that we quickly forgot between all the other labels. They have really trendy stuff in a cosmopolitan look at reasonable prices. Reserved has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to clothes and jackets, which are also suitable for the office or a hip event. But it's best to just have a look yourself!



If you like Zara but would like to try something different, you can take a look at Stradivarius fashion. Here romantic dresses meet classic blazers and soft synthetic leather jackets. But also an extravagant tulle skirt to rock boots is a typical style à la Stradivarius. Go for it!



Edited is still relatively new to the fashion world. Nevertheless, we fell in love in shock when we saw the clothes for the first time. Mega well-cut pieces, with good quality and pretty colors. In addition, Edited always makes us look really put together. Speak like we've had a stylist dress us up. Big Like!



Oh Monki! Where would we be without your super casual jumpsuits, wide-cut coats and - above all - without your well-fitting jeans? We in the editorial team have a real soft spot for the fashion label with the styling like fresh from the streets of Copenhagen. Monki is of course not for everyone, but especially very tall women or those with curves will celebrate this label.



Hallhuber is a bit like the business lady among fashion brands. The label's clothes have particularly classic designs that make us look damn chic right away. Hallhuber fashion is therefore our go-to label when we are looking for an outfit for a special occasion or for the office.