How do I get Turkish citizenship


The requirements for Turkish citizenship are very clear: You must be of legal age (according to the law of your country of origin) and must have lived in Turkey for at least five years (with an interruption of no more than six months). If you are married to a Turkish citizen or were born as a foreigner in Turkey, this period is reduced to three years.

You must also show that you are in perfect health and have a clean criminal record. If you are not married to a Turkish citizen, you will need to show that you can support yourself financially. As long as you have a job, that applies to you. Otherwise, you will have to provide evidence of existing financial reserves or pension notices.

Your chances of obtaining Turkish citizenship will increase if you can demonstrate that you are making a significant contribution to Turkish society and culture.

How do you apply for citizenship?

To apply for Turkish citizenship, you must present the following documents to the local government office (usually the City Hall):

  • valid passport
  • 4 passport photos
  • Documents certifying your relationship with your spouse and children (if applicable)
  • Health certificate confirming your mental and physical health

You also need proof of your Turkish language skills. These can be certified for you after an interview with a Turkish government official. You can usually get an appointment through the government office in your city. However, these conversations are often very subjective, as the level varies depending on the requirements of the individual government official. However, if you are fluent in Turkish, the conversation will not be a problem for you.

You will receive the necessary application documents when you present the above documents to the town hall. After you've submitted all the necessary forms and paid a processing fee, your request will be forwarded to the Home Office.

The Turkish Consulate General will inform you about the outcome of your application by post. Keep in mind that the Turkish naturalization law is very flexible. Exceptions are often made when there is reason to believe that the decision could affect the country's reputation in the international media. This has been the case especially since Turkey tried to join the EU.

Additional remarks on Turkish citizenship

Obtaining your naturalization through marriage and later getting divorced will not affect your status as a Turkish citizen.

However, if you are marrying for the sole purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the Turkish court will not allow you to divorce such a "fictional marriage". Rather, you will be dealt with by the Security Agency and the Census Directorate ( Nüfus Müdürlüğü ) prosecuted if your motive becomes known.

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