Is there a film about a narcissist?

Documentary about Narcissistic Personality Disorders

It is believed that around one percent of the population is affected by the disorder. About 75 percent of them are men and 25 percent women. Colloquially, a "narcissist" means a person who shows pronounced egoism and is inconsiderate towards others.

A narcissistic personality disorder, on the other hand, is a profound disorder of the personality in which there is a lack of self-esteem, high expectations and a strong sensitivity to criticism. Those affected constantly fluctuate between an overly positive self-image and the fear of not meeting the demands of others. You have the strong feeling that you have to be good all the time in order to be accepted and valued by others.

Narcissistic personality disorder can be very stressful for those affected and their loved ones and make interpersonal relationships difficult or ultimately destroy them.

In the documentary film project, affected women and men who are able to reflect on their narcissistic personality disorder and suffer from it (and relatives of people with a narcissistic personality disorder) are to be interviewed and filmed by the experienced filmmaker Kim M√ľnster. Therapy paths, difficulties in everyday life and the possibility of reflection made difficult by the disorder should be shown.