Is Ann Coulter really a woman?

Ann Coulter: This woman must hate women!

Ann Coulter is 53, blond, fancy, holds a doctorate in law and is the author of ultra-conservative non-fiction books such as "If Democrats had brains, they would be Republicans" or "How to Talk to a Liberal (When You Must!)" .

One could happily dismiss Ms. Coulter as a weirdo and ignore her if her influence among the archconservatives of the USA were not quite considerable. Her creations regularly land on the New York Times' best list, and she publishes her theses and articles on six of the largest-reaching conservative websites in the United States (Human Events Online, World Net Daily,, Front Page Mag, Jewish World Review and their own homepage ).

The polemicist, who likes to defame liberal politicians as a "fagot" and who complained about the increasing popularity of this "un-American sport" at the 2014 World Cup and identified it as a sign of the "moral decline of the USA", is also popular on talk shows invited guest.

What Coulter says is often parroted by large parts of the right-wing white lower class. And so one unfortunately has to perceive their confused statements. So also the latest, the Coulter in the successful radio show The Lars Larson Show secreted.

"If the victim hasn't been hit on the head with a brick, it's not rape ..."

The theme of the show was sexual violence in US colleges. Several young women had reported almost institutionalized mass rapes of female students in the last few months. The practice of sexual violence is a kind of rite of initiation in male student associations, the incidents are hushed up by the universities for fear of loss of image.

Good food for Coulter. Rape, according to the US journalist, is not really rape at all - at least as long as the victim is not hit on the head with a brick pot. "Before that, a woman can always scream or defend herself if she doesn't like what the man is doing to her." In addition, many women would challenge men with their clothing and behavior ...

But that's not all. "When women talk about their rape, they are all about attention, publicity. They take a role model from this inexpressible Lady Gaga, who publicly brags about being raped five years ago ... Five years ago! Why Is she only now saying it, I ask myself? Then it couldn't have been that bad. "

According to Ann Coulter, she believes that the subject of "sexual violence" is being artificially hyped up by the media. Because at least she doesn't know a single woman who has ever been raped.

In any case, we couldn't think of a woman who would ever want to tell Mrs. Coulter about it ...