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192 THE BIEDMEIER AND THE LITERATURE OF THE PREMARCH (1820–1848) A huge success… The play was premiered on July 1, 1848, and people stormed into the theater. Texts like the introductory song by the editor Ultra were sung all over Vienna: They reigned unreservedly, And no one moved, For if anyone had dared And said a free word, He would have had 'd' fortress 1 rewarded, one was already used to that. Spied everything the same, for that it was the police. The G’scheite fell silent, In a nutshell, everything was stupid. This time was comfortable for the pigtail system. Suddenly it starts in Paris, very curious, there they are fruity, and in their anger, because they do not love bondage, whom Louis Philipp drove away. The example was bad, something like that makes a noise, and all of Germany woke up overnight, that was very uncomfortable for the pigtail system. Then I began to think The depressed subject: In Teuxel, do I have to be a slave? A prince is a lord, but I am a man like him; And it costs your throat - accountability should now be given for everything demanded by the mighty lords. There was a lot in the Klemm Mit’n braid system. [...] ... and a quick end In "Freiheit in Krähwinkel" the revolution wins, in reality it fails. As early as October 1848, the time of "freedom" was over in Vienna, the time of "freedom" had begun again. The military was in control of the city. The piece was played for the last time on October 4th. The reaction had won, Vienna paid homage to the 18-year-old Emperor Franz Joseph, Nestroy had foreseen that. At the end of the first act of the drama, entitled “Revolution”, a representative of absolutism judged the revolting Krähwinkler: “[I] I know the Krähwinkler, you have to let them let off steam, if the Raptus [= attack] is over, then it will be s 'dasig 2, and we catch s' with the hand; afterwards we want to tweak the people. "For Nestroy himself, however, there were no negative consequences. People shied away from arresting the popular author. 3 “What is the earth's happiness? - A shadow! ”Franz Grillparzer:“ Medea ”(1821) Grillparzer's path to“ Medea ”When the Burgtheater, which was destroyed in the war, was reopened on October 12, 1955, it happened with Grillparzer's“ King Ottokars Glück und Ende ”(1825) . Rudolf, the first Habsburg emperor of the German Empire, triumphs over the power man Ottokar of Bohemia. This drama, sometimes interpreted today as an “official” Austrian play, 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 INFO Burgtheater and Volkstheater From “Sappho” onwards, Grillparzer's dramas were performed in the Vienna Burgtheater. It was founded in 1741 as the “theater next to the castle” and declared by Joseph II in 1776 as the “court and national theater”. Under Joseph Schreyvogel (1814–32) it became the most important German-speaking stage. It has a high place in European theater to this day. The plays of Raimund and Nestroy were played in Vienna's popular theaters. The most important of these theaters were founded in the 80s and 90s of the 18th century: the theaters “an der Wien”, “in der Josephstadt” and “in der Leopoldstadt”. They continued the Viennese comedy tradition, which dates back to the Baroque, with the comic-critical characters Hanswurst and Kasperl, which were later followed by Staberl. Josef Anton Stranitzky and Gottfried Prehauser (1699–1769) are considered the creators and custodians of these figures against the attacks of the censorship. 1 Detention 2 meek For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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