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Author:Roy, Biren [arr.]

Mahabharata India's great epic from Sanskrit India's great epic by Roy, Biren Ways of Wisdom

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Format:19 cm
Pages:332 pages
Weight:550 g
Edition:License issue
Published:n.d. (around 2004)
Cover:Illustrated cardboard cover
Description:good condition, minor signs of storage, (DF379) India's great epic from Sanskrit. An inexhaustible treasure trove of all temporal and eternal knowledge. The Mahabharata, the most important and extensive epic of the Hindus, describes the battle of the KLauravas with the Pandavas, which was fought on the sacred battlefield of Kurukshetra ... The core of this epic contains an unusual appeal even for the non-Hindu reader , because the sublimity, size, power and beauty of this poem are still evident in the translation. The Mahabharata is the most important and extensive epic of the Hindus: Like the butter under all kinds of sour milk, like the Brahmin under the Aryans, like the Aranyakas under the Vedas, like the immortality potion under the medicines, the ocean under all waters and the cow Mahabharata is the best of all the narrative works. The Mahabharata, the most important and extensive epic of the Hindus, describes the battle of the Kauravas with the Pandavas, which was fought on the sacred battlefield of Ku-rukshetra. It tells the story of the great Bharata dynasty. The Bhäratas were an Indian tribe mentioned in the Rigveda, the oldest work of art in Indian poetry. They were the descendants of Dushyanta and Shakuntalas, whose love, marriage, separation and reunion won immortality in Kälidäsa's drama "Abhijnäna Shakuntalam". Bharata was the son of that marriage. By his bravery and wisdom, it is said, he brought the entire Indian subcontinent, as far as he was known to the Indians of that time, under his rule. To this day the Hindus call their country Bharatavarsha in his honor. One of the descendants of this powerful ruler was Kuru. He became the progenitor of a line of kings who were named Kauravas after him. Their empire comprised the plains irrigated by the upper Ganges and the Jamuna. A family feud in the royal house of the Kauravas led to a terrible fratricidal war, in the course of which the old tribe was almost exterminated. This struggle took place in post-Vedic times. The news of this is preserved in the Mahabharata epic. The early Indians celebrated the exploits of their ancestors in ballads or entire ballad cycles that were performed on festive and solemn occasions. When a family member died, it was customary for relatives to sit in the shade of a tree on their return from the cremation site before re-entering their home and recite or sing ballads celebrating the exploits of their ancestors. In this way the story was passed down from generation to generation. The original form of the Mahabharata was one such ballad, telling of the heroic deeds of the Bharatas and of the catastrophe that befell them in the field of Kuru-kshetra; this ballad, remarkable both for its poetic appeal and for its dramatic impact, occupied the imagination of the people all over the country. Its great popularity always resulted in new, often fantastic and even grotesque insertions and expansions, which accumulated from generation to generation in and around it, until the whole, with its hundred thousand verses, grew into what a German scholar would be "literary" Monster. Among these insertions, however, there are two ballads, namely those of Sävitri-Satyavän and Nala-Damayanti, which, due to the grandeur of the subject and their high poetic content, are among the great works of world literature, as well as a religious conversation known as Bhagavad Gita, whose Profound philosophy is sacred to the Hindus for all time. First Book (Adi Parva) Genesis, Birth and Reign of Bhismas, The Kauravas and the Pandavas, The Tournament, The War with the Pänchälas, Yudhisthira's appointment as heir, The Pandavas are to be killed, The Pandavas escape, fight and friendship, Swayambara Sabhä - The choice of the groom, The five brothers marry a woman, The return of the Pandavas, The division of the kingdom, Arjuna's voluntarily chosen banishment, Arjuna marries Ulupi, the Naga princess ... , The death of Dronas, Karna takes the supreme command, Karna's death Seventh Book (Shalya Parva, Sauptika Parva, Stri Parva, Santi Parva and Anushasana Parva), King Major yodhana's end, midnight massacre, the funeral service, book eight (Aswamedha Parva, Ashramabäsika Patva, Musala Parva, Mahäprasthana Parva and Swargärohana, Parva), the Aswamedha offering, Dhritarastra's end of life, the Yadavas die out, the last book. "Excerpts from the book
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