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Why and how you should order glasses online

Buying glasses online sounds a bit strange at first, but there are a few reasons to give it a try. The first is that it is significantly cheaper to buy glasses online than at an optician. The second is that the glasses are of the same quality or even better. Third, nowadays you can "try on" glasses online; You will be amazed how realistic our virtual mirror is. So how exactly should you order glasses online? This guide provides the answer to that question!

First, find a suitable glasses frame

Take a look at our frames and glasses, there you will find a huge selection of wonderful models and original brands. You can conveniently filter them by shapes, colors, styles, brands, etc. You can try most of the models with our virtual mirror. When you have found the perfect frame, you can activate the virtual try-on. You need your webcam for this and you can see how the glasses look on you via direct transmission.

What is special about the virtual try-on?

Click on the camera next to the glasses to activate the virtual try-on. It works like a real mirror; the camera records your face and adjusts the selected glasses accordingly. You can move your head and the glasses will move accordingly. This allows you to look at them from different angles and it looks like you are actually wearing them! To get a better impression, just look at the examples. One was taken with the virtual try-on and the other with the real glasses. Can you tell the difference?

To be absolutely sure that the glasses will fit you well, we have given the exact measurements and sizes for each frame. This allows you to get an idea of ​​how big or small the glasses are, and you can compare them better with your current glasses.

Enter the values ​​from your recipe

If you order glasses online, you need a prescription that is not older than 6 months. You can get this from your optician or eye doctor. All of your values ​​should be on this recipe. There you will also find the value for the power (diopters) for your right and left eyes. Make sure not to confuse the plus (+) and minus (-) values ​​when ordering. Plus values ​​for diopters indicate farsightedness, which means that you can see well in the distance, but not see much up close. Negative diopter readings indicate nearsightedness where you can see well up close but poorly in the distance. If no sign is given, it is plus diopters. An equal sign (=) means minus diopters. Your recipe can also contain values ​​for axis and cylinder; these values ​​indicate astigmatism and can also be entered during the ordering process. If these values ​​do not appear on your prescription, simply enter a "0" in the appropriate places on the order mask.

Your eye care professional should also include your eye relief (PD) on the prescription as you will need this to complete the order. Not every eye specialist does this on their own, so ask about it. Otherwise it is also possible to measure the interpupillary distance with our precise online tool, or you can print out this aid: Our PD measuring device.

Do you already have a prescription? If so, great! Send it to us and get a € 6 discount on your new glasses.

After you have entered your values ​​in the mask, choose which lenses you would like for your new glasses: we offer 4 types with different strengths (thicknesses). Based on the values ​​you have entered, the appropriate thickness of the glasses is automatically selected. If necessary, you can change this selection. Please note, however, that certain diopter values ​​require a certain glass thickness, so it will not always be possible to change this as desired.

If you are still unsure about ordering your glasses online and entering the parameters correctly, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are happy to help and support you in completing your order.

Summary: Why Choose Online Glasses?

  • You can get the same or better glasses than the opticians for a third of the price
  • You can choose from more than 3,000 high-quality models
  • the costs for standard shipping do not apply to orders over € 70
  • You can try on the glasses with our very effective, virtual mirror
  • All of our glasses have the most advanced filters and coatings: a UV filter, a hardening coating, an anti-reflective coating, a self-cleaning coating and an oil-repellent, antistatic coating.

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