It's worth some kind of vengeance

Today on TV: A rough revenge ripper with FSK 18, who entertains terrific in his mercilessly fucked up way

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There aren't many rape and revenge films directed by a woman. "Revenge" is one of the few exceptions - and director Coralie Fargeat not only provides a refreshing perspective on the genre that has long been thought to be exhausted, she also delivers in the areas of fun, tension, blood and gore - to the point of absolute excess .

The plot: Every year three super-rich businessmen rent a luxury villa in the middle of the desert in order to go on safari from there. However, this time family man Richard (Kevin Janssens) also brings his lover Jen (Matilda Lutz) with him. A wet and happy party evening ends with a rape - and to silence Jen, the buddies throw her down a cliff, at the foot of which the young woman is also pierced by a tree trunk. But when the trio later return to the scene to bury the body, Jen has disappeared into the desert ...

That's why "Revenge" is worth it

Jen isn't the stupid appendage of a slimy, greasy moneybag in “Revenge” for a change. Instead, she seems to be just as interested in Richard's well-defined body as he is in hers. Her consistent determination is also evident when she barely hesitates a second after being impaled and, quite naturally, saves her own life with a measure that we honestly would not have thought of in 100 years. And here, too, “Revenge” is staged in an absolutely stylish way, when the drops of blood hit between ants like bombs in high magnification and slow motion.

Speaking of blood: After the protagonist's scantily clad bottom has slipped prominently into the picture throughout the film, the camera is much more interested in the last 20 minutes for the just as tight ass of the antagonist, who walks around stark naked throughout the final act and is similarly shamelessly sexualized like Jen before, who sucks a lollipop on the very first evening in the schoolgirl playboy pose.

But the finale is not satisfied with simply reversing the gender cliché: During the showdown, which is absurdly black-humored due to its unbelievable coarseness, the blood spurts around so extremely that in the end there is hardly a spot in the entire villa that does not include it is smeared with the red juice. The final cleaning, no matter what it costs, is an absolute bargain in any case.

If you missed the film when it aired on May 13, 2021, you can either check the Tele 5 media library to see whether it is still available for streaming there, or watch it on Amazon Prime Video:

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Lara Croft meets Furiosa - only with age rating 18

When the three men follow the blood trail into the desert before the finale, director newcomer Coralie Fargeat keeps throwing in revealing observations that expose the big game-hunting machos as jokes (with probably quite small tails). In the middle of the human chase, Stan, who is obviously spoiled for luxury, first adjusts the air conditioning of his super-expensive Land Rover. Nevertheless, the men remain to be taken seriously as opponents in the desert duels, so that their exposure is never at the expense of the shimmering tension.

And it has to be like that - because Matilda Lutz ("Rings") needs "real" men as an adversary and no washcloths: After all, she is a badass version of Lara Croft with a shot of Charlize Theron's desert amazon from "Mad Max : Fury Road “an absolute stunner! Even if Jen stomps around in her tight bikini through the entire film, one takes from her every second the self-image with which she does everything necessary to show her pursuers what a rake is.

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