Can dark circles disappear

This is how annoying dark circles disappear again

Our eyes are the most expressive area on our face and a mirror of the soul. Who would want to have dark shadows under their eyes?

For many people, dark circles are a sign of a lack of health and vitality and quite a few suffer from them. But why are dark shadows also visible when we feel completely relaxed and healthy?

Different causes of tired eyes

The Skin around the eye area is much thinner than the rest of the skin on the face. In addition, the usual fatty tissue is almost completely missing under the fine skin, so that it is there Blood vessels show through particularly clearly can. The consequences are sunken, bluish to brownish shimmering shadows under the eyes. In extreme cases, even deep furrows with a blue-black color can form. To little sleep, stress and fatigue, but also one wrong diet, an increased Alcohol consumption, to little hydration and little fresh air can favor dark circles. Furthermore, dark circles can also be hereditary or ethnic as well as a consequence of skin aging, Inflammation, too much sun or be a solarium.

However, they can also have medical causes. These include besides Infections, Allergies, morbid Sleep deficits (Difficulty sleeping) or Vitamin deficiencies also kidney or thyroid disease. The latter are responsible for the dark circles in less than five percent of those affected. If you want to be sure that the problem is only a cosmetic and not a medical one, you can contact a general practitioner or a specialist medical advice catch up.

Causes at a glance:

  • Thinner skin allows the signs of aging to become visible more quickly
  • Translucent blood vessels
  • too less sleep
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • unbalanced diet
  • too much alcohol and nicotine
  • insufficient fluid intake
  • little fresh air
  • little movement
  • Medical reasons / illnesses

What helps against dark circles?

So that the annoying shadows under the eyes disappear again Home remedies, Cosmetics and medicine help. By adequate sleep, much Move and enough liquid the dark circles can be treated naturally. Those who drink a lot provide the cells of the skin with enough fluids. Sleep provides the necessary relaxation and exercise ensures a good supply of oxygen to the cells. A good maintenance can also supply the skin with moisture. However, experts recommend special creams that gently dabbed on the skin with your fingertips and not be rubbed. Concealer can also help hide or lighten the dark areas of the skin. Alternatively, you can also cold, damp tea bags with unflavored black or chamomile tea, which are placed on the puffy eye area.

Tools at a glance:

  • Sufficient and healthy sleep
  • Lots of exercise / regular exercise
  • Sufficient fluid intake (water, unsweetened teas, juice spritzers)
  • Moisturizer for the skin under the eyes (dab gently, do not rub!)
  • Pull the black tea bag and let it cool, then place it on the eyes and let it work
  • Concealer for optical concealment

Medical help is recommended if the dark circles do not want to go despite all efforts. One of the medical causes can be volume loss when the face loses fat over the course of life. Here the skin can through the Injecting hyaluronic acid be reupholstered. Anyone who suffers from bags under the eyes can get an operative Lower eyelid lift be helped sustainably.

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