Should you have sex with your ex

Sex with your ex-girlfriend: what you have to watch out for now!

It happens quickly: You run into your ex by chance or she suddenly gets back to you. And sex with your ex-girlfriend is a sweet temptation, because she invites you to a “coffee” or to a “cozy movie night” with a smile "(*wink, wink*) a.

Before you knew what was happening to you, you two were back in bed - and it was great!

You enjoy the hot "Revival" because it could be (almost) like it used to be. Maybe you can even win back your ex again?

At the same time, however, you also have serious concerns.

You wonder broodingly:

  • Sex with my ex-girlfriend - should I just give in to it, let it go and enjoy it? Is it a good idea to have sex with her?
  • Can such an affair or friendship plus with the ex work in the long run? And can old feelings be turned off so easily at the "push of a button"?
  • Because what if one of them falls head over heels in love again, but the other does NOT want the relationship to be remade? Then lovesickness, arguments and tears are inevitable ...
  • Or can I even win the ex back with sex for a new start in our partnership? Or is the attempt futile?
  • And what does SHE actually want? Just an affair or is she hoping for more from you as a partner again?

And on top of that, you may have heard the saying about women: "No sex with your ex" (with friends or in Hollywood comedies) ...

So stay away from this whole story?

Sex With Your Ex: The 6 Biggest Benefits and Risks

Your bed story doesn't have to end in disaster. Believe me!

In certain circumstances, an affair or friendship plus with the ex can be a very nice experience. It's often not a bad idea at all - at least in my opinion!

In order for things to go well, however, you have to observe a few warning signs and rules, which I would like to recommend to you with the following tips.

6 benefits of having sex with your ex

In fact, having a friendship plus or affair / sex relationship with your ex after the breakup has many advantages:

  • You save yourself the exhausting process of getting to know new women or (sex) partners via tinder or disco visits - attempts that usually end with a basket anyway.
  • It gets straight to the point when you two exes meet. So you don't need to thread elaborate dates with new acquaintances ... Dates where you talk for hours while you think about how you can finally seduce this hot woman.
  • Often times, sex with your ex-girlfriend is incredibly good. You are just a "well-rehearsed team" in bed and you know exactly what the other person likes and how you can climb the peak of pleasure together.
  • In general, you know the other person and his quirks very well. You know what you're getting yourself into - without any nasty surprises. Your colorful Donald Duck socks, for example, no longer bother them ... you can even smile about them together :-)
  • Especially with a friendship plus you simply enjoy the time together and have fun together, without the usual downsides of a partnership (arguments, annoying obligations, high expectations, etc.).
  • If you manage to seduce your ex again (or even win them back for a relationship), it will increase your self-esteem as a man

So everything is perfect? No not really…

6 dangers of having sex after the breakup

Getting involved in sex with your ex-girlfriend again is like dancing on a volcano: It may be damn hot, but you can also get really burned by love.

To prevent this from happening, you should know the 6 biggest risks:

1. One falls in love with the other again

By far the greatest danger: that one-sided emotions of being in love (and thus great misunderstandings between you) arise.

Because when you have sex with your ex, a real firework of hormones is poured out in your body, creating an intense feeling of closeness and familiarity.

It can quickly happen that you fall in love with your ex again and give you false hopes for a new version of your partnership.

This is the case when SHE does not feel any love for you, but just wants an affair or friendship plus, because she has already concluded emotionally with you.

This can lead to severe lovesickness for you.

Conversely, it can of course just as well happen that you don't want to partner with your ex again, but she suddenly falls in love with you.

If she then learns from you that you are really only after a casual sex relationship, she will be bitterly disappointed and hurt.

Quarreling and mutual emotional harm are preprogrammed - and old emotional wounds from the separation can open up again!

2. She suddenly has a new boyfriend

Having sex with your ex can create the illusion that you are almost as a couple again - simply because it almost feels like a relationship in the old days.

Especially when you cuddle next to each other in bed after making love and talk about God and the world.

Or if you have breakfast together with your ex in a friendship plus, go for a walk and have your toothbrush in the other person's bathroom again.

But you must never forget: You are (only) in an affair and your ex is free. She can get to know other men as she pleases, without any moral obligations to you.

Maybe she's secretly meeting other guys behind your back, even if she's enjoying the bed story between you.

Then the hurt and jealousy is even greater when your ex-girlfriend suddenly has a new boyfriend, but you are already in love with her again!

3. You don't meet new women

You have amazingly good sex with your ex and their presence feels almost like it used to. You therefore believe that you will get all the emotions and tenderness you need from her.

Deceptive nest warmth arises ...

This creates the risk that you cannot forget your ex-girlfriend and continue to be fully focused on her.

The result: Sex with your ex makes you sluggish. You settle in comfortably in your "old love nest" with her instead of really looking ahead in life.

You then sit with her (at least in your mind) instead of stalking the weekend with your buddies and meeting new women at wild parties.

Even for the sweet lady at the sausage counter, who smiles so nicely at you while shopping, you have no eyes at all in everyday life.

With these "blinkers" you miss the chance to find a new partner who is doing you a lot more good and with whom you could be REALLY happy in a committed relationship.

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4. No new sexual experiences

With your ex-girlfriend, you are probably driving on fairly well-worn tracks sexually.

In bed you do exactly what you have always done - simply because it is “more comfortable” than to dare to do new experiments together and to have to get closer to each other.

"Fresh wind" no longer comes in (at most through the open bedroom window in summer).

But when you meet a new woman, you can break this routine and try new things in bed with her that your ex may never want to have sex with.

Or this new lover has imaginative ideas that you would never have thought of. She may be able to show you completely new practices that will drive you to unexpected climaxes.

So: It is worthwhile to broaden your sexual horizons with a new partner and to develop yourself further in this regard!

5. You feel exploited for sex

You have loved each other passionately to the point of ecstasy and you fall back exhausted into the pillows.

After this great sex with the ex, you may be allowed to smoke the "cigarette afterwards" on her balcony or be served a hot coffee ...

... but afterwards you should put on your pants immediately and leave your apartment quickly!

As you close the front door behind you, you somehow feel sexually exploited like a breeding bull.

Because apart from sex, for which she lets you dance, any other form of closeness (nice conversations, emotional exchanges, activities) is strictly taboo for her.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Especially when you feel love as an ex-partner and you want more than just a bed story in this phase, it is a humiliating feeling to be "used" like that. Be worth more to yourself!

6. She could have “bad” intentions

Maybe she doesn't even meet you because she just wants to sleep with you and enjoys good sex. At the same time, she may want to see that you continue to desire her skin and hair - in order to polish up her scratched ego

Or she feels guilty after the breakup because she last treated you like a beast. She might now want to make up for this with erotic "caresses".

In such cases, better not do it! You are not the "sex toy" for their self-affirmation, nor do you need their pity like a little boy.

And if she's only sleeping with you to take revenge on you in some way - shoot her at the moon (literally speaking)!

After breaking up a sexual relationship with the ex: 5 tips

You see, sex with your ex-girlfriend has a few big advantages, but also some disadvantages, some of which can bother you emotionally.

And I'll tell you my clear opinion: Simply switch off or suppress the feelings for women and lock them in a "drawer", that's almost impossible.

The feeling of love is difficult to control because of the hormonal intoxication during sexual intercourse ...

You still want to get involved in a sex relationship with your ex?

Okay, I warned you!

Then you should now absolutely observe these tips and rules so that you two lovebirds remain mentally as intact as possible:

1. Determine what exactly you want!

You enjoy being in contact with her again and experiencing passionate moments. Nevertheless, you shouldn't just live in the “here and now”, but think a little ahead.

This means as a rule for you: Do not slide aimlessly into this sexual relationship after the breakup, but think about what exactly you want from this woman.

Is pure affair or friendship plus enough for you for a bit of fun? Or do you have feelings of love for her and secretly hope to win back your ex through sex?

In your considerations, always keep the risks in mind that I have mentioned to you above.

Only when you know your own goal can you make a sensible decision in the next step to do the right thing for both of you!

2. Find out: What does she want? Pay attention to the signals!

But also try to find out what she wants.

And no, you should NOT seek clarification and NOT ask her directly what she hopes and expects from your whole bed story.

Remember, your ex may just be enjoying uncomplicated sex with you right now.

Through a pronunciation (motto: “What is this going to happen between us?”) She could think that you want “more” from her again and feel unnecessarily put under pressure.

Such conversations can then degenerate into discussions and arguments that stifle both your desire for sex and newly flared feelings of love.

Therefore, take it more cautiously than most men and pay attention to clear signals of interest from your ex that point in the direction of the relationship:

  • She also wants to do some typical “couple things” with you outside of bed (for example going for a walk together, shopping at the weekly market, etc.).
  • With her body language, she shows clear signs of being in love (for example long, intense looks, dreamy smiles, lots of laughter in conversations, holding hands, etc.).
  • She keeps contacting you, apparently because she has to think about you a lot.
  • She speaks longingly of your partnership back then and your shared memories.
  • She reacts jealously when you tell her about your dealings with other women.
  • It closely follows your activities on social networks or in WhatsApp status.
  • She still has strong lovesickness because you are separated and she actually wants you back as a steady partner.

If you notice this and things like that, it is a sign that she wants more than just pure sex!

3. Are your expectations / goals similar?

You can already see that you both have too different ideas - so one develops feelings and wants a relationship again, the other definitely not?

Then you should definitely stop having sex with your ex, withdraw and possibly even put your contact on hold!

Because disappointment is inevitable in this situation. One of you two will definitely end up being unhappy and gnawing at lovesickness.

4. If you want a relationship again ...

Many men think that sex with their ex-girlfriend is something like the beginning of a new partnership.

Therefore, the proverbial horses go through with them in this phase.

As soon as they were in bed with the ex, they confess their feelings again, cling like crazy and try desperately to force the woman into a partnership.

The whole relaxed atmosphere with non-binding togetherness is broken. This could make your ex feel pressured and distance themselves again.

The truth about love in women is:

It's not enough just to sleep together and have good sex with your ex to make her want you back as a steady partner. Even if you give her the best orgasms ever :-)

The most important rule is therefore: You have to show her that you have changed during the separation phase and that you are also outside of bed the attractive man from before, with whom she fell so deeply in the beginning.

A guy she wants to share her entire life with.

This also includes giving her the necessary freedom and not clinging and exerting pressure in this needy way.

So if you want to win back the heart of your ex, you have to use a fundamentally different strategy, which (to put it very simply) consists of 2 points:

  • Showing male attractiveness in order to generate deeper emotions in her and to awaken the desire for a relationship
  • Build a healthy distance so that she starts to miss you longingly

In another article I already described the right strategy for getting your ex-girlfriend back.

5. If you just want sex with your ex ...

... then tell her that very clearly, right from the start!

Because honesty is an indispensable rule even after the separation so as not to hurt the ex-partner even more in the long term.

Kindly explain to her that for you it is just a bed story, which you enjoy very much because you still find her physically very attractive as a woman.

If you play with up cards in this way, you will save her from getting false hopes and being bitterly disappointed in the end.

She can then decide of her own free will whether or not she can get involved in the sexual relationship with you under these conditions.

If at some point she falls unhappy in love with you, the "fault" is not yours and you have a clear conscience.

But maybe your ex sees things the same way you do and just wants sex too?

Then the proverbial "elephant in the room" is eliminated, you have made a clean sweep.

After this clarifying discussion, you can let yourself go completely and just enjoy the act of love!

These tips don't stop there ...

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