What is your opinion on comfort zones

14 reasons why people just don't leave their comfort zone ...

Shaping your own life, gaining new experiences, doing things that you have never tried before, surpassing yourself, and much more ...

We could do all of that.

On every day.

And despite big plans, grandiose ideas, outstanding upcoming projects, many people fail before things even start.

What can that be?

In this post, I'll give you 14 possible reasons.

They may seem banal in some places, but at the same time they can have the power to stop us and trick us into staying in our comfort zone.

I think it is good and important to know these points.

If the time comes for you again, this knowledge can help you to recognize what is going on.

So that you can then freely decide in which direction you should go.

So here they come, 14 reasons people stay in their comfort zone ...

  1. Victim of the opinion of others - It's such a thing with the opinion of others. Other people have different experiences; they can be inspiring, but they can also be a hindrance. If someone gives you advice, check carefully to see if you want to take it. What was right for that person may be totally inappropriate for you, completely against your own nature. Be careful, how do you feel about taking the advice? Pay attention to your feelings. They can send you the right signals.
  2. Friends have different goals - Friends are great. Some stay for a lifetime, they are companions, and it is simply good to have faithful companions. At the same time, many people abandon their goals because their friends don't have the same, similar, or no goals in life. Take it easy! Don't worry about it. Just do your own thing and your friends will still support you.
  3. Belief in given possibilities - When we are younger we are given opportunities, mainly from our parents and our school teachers or friends. We were given the opportunity to have new experiences. However, once we leave school, it's such a given chance thing. It is your job to go out into the world and create these possibilities, no matter how small they may be at first sight.
  4. The “I'm not smart enough” madness - Do you know that? You meet someone who is so full of knowledge and likes to share it with you. And maybe you wish you had this knowledge too, right? When we meet people like that, we almost automatically believe that the other person has to be smart, right? That can be the case, but it doesn't have to be. We do not know how the knowledge got to this person, in most cases there is hard work behind it, endless hours, despair, doubts about one's own abilities. Success is an emotional journey. Just because you don't have a certain amount of knowledge doesn't mean you can never get it. The knowledge you long for is beyond your comfort zone ...
  5. The idea just seems too big - Good ideas have to be ambitious. Otherwise everyone could implement it! Where would the attraction be, where would it be special? People got these amazing but incredibly ambitious ideas and somewhere in the journey they tell themselves that it is pretty much impossible and there is no point in taking the necessary measures to achieve those dreams and desires. Too bad! There is no idea that is too ambitious. It will only be more difficult to achieve. Look at all the crazy inventions over the years that we take for granted today. Someone had a dream of being able to fly. Back then, the prevailing opinion was that the dream of flying was an absolutely ridiculous one. But someone has their highly ambitious idea Make it a reality. Borders are broken every day by people all over the world. Do you really want to exclude yourself from the start?
  6. The “it's too late” thought - Perhaps you have already lived a considerable part of your life. And maybe you think it's too late to make your dreams come true. Perhaps you have started a family or have other responsibilities that hold you back. Believe me, it's not too late It may seem like you are stuck in the current situation, but you still have the chance to take action! It is never too late.
  7. The “I guess it already exists” belief - The problem is not that everything has already been invented ... The problem lies in your creativity and in the ability to develop the full power of your imagination. The people who struggle a little with creativity often think that there isn't much more that can be done. Then they see that someone else has come up with a new invention. This can lead to frustration. Believe in yourself and in the fact that there is still so much that can improve and facilitate your life and that of many people.
  8. The first attempt already failed - Okay, this is a real classic that I also know very well. It is the reason why people never pursue their ideas, their visions, because they have already failed at something very similar. Failure is a part of the life plan that leads you to learn from your mistakes, to get stronger, to get better and better. If you try again ... giving up after a mistake is absolutely pointless.
  9. The fear of failure - How easy is it for you to take a risk? What is the value of security for you? There are people who don't take a single risk in their entire life. They do everything to hold on to what has been tried and tested. As a result, they of course block all chances for something new, something great, for variety in life.
  10. It's coming too soon - The time is not yet right ... Sometimes people think that they are not ready for something and that the time is not right. Always remember: there is never a perfect time to do something.
  11. Lack of self-confidence - Not trusting yourself is a recipe for a life without outstanding experiences. Confidence is the key to any success in life. It doesn't matter in which part of your life you want to improve - this change in mindset guarantees you an improved life in every situation. Confidence can be learned. Small daily challenges can help you with this.
  12. "I have no time" - Nobody seems to have time for anything these days. Is that true? No, each of us is available 24 hours a day. It is a question of priorities to organize our day in such a way that our projects are given enough space.
  13. The thing about the distraction - I get distracted easily ... I am aware of this, so I try to avoid any distraction in phases when I want to be highly productive. No Facebook, no Pinterest, no emails, no calls, that helps me concentrate, for example when I'm working on new concepts.
  14. Follow the “norm” - Dreams are not “normal”. They shouldn't be "normal" either. Follow your dreams that are out of the norm. You are unique, nobody is like you. Don't be a copy of anyone.

I suspect that you will find yourself in some of the points.

The same thing happened to me.

Knowing about this is important, because as soon as you realize that you are again putting forward a reason not to have to work on your goals, you can make a different decision.

To then step out of your comfort zone.

And do your thing.

Do your thing!

Only the best

Your Michael

Sustainable change works when we have a clear “YES” from ourselves and we are in harmony with our goals. This also includes courage and the will to leave your comfort zone. My name is Michael and I work as a life and business coach (IHK).

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