Why is green not a creative color

Color symbolism: the meaning of green

Pure green as a mixed color of the advancing yellow and the receding blue, is the harmonious center, the standstill, the calm. It unites the opposites of both colors: cold and warmth, joy and seriousness, intellect and intuition, activity and passivity. With the same proportions of blue and yellow, it is also static and immobile. The green tone only moves in one direction as soon as it receives more proportions of one or the other color tone.

Green stands for serenity and static - as a mixture of yellow pushing forward and blue receding, it stays calmly in the middle.

As the color of flora, green stands for fertility and everything that grows and flourishes. The growth of plants for the human eye is not observable, green represents a static, powerful calm and serenity. It also stands for tolerance, healing, recovery and regeneration. In a symbolic sense, green creates a basis for new plans: it has the active acumen of yellow and views thoughts with the necessary distance from blue.

Bluish green tones symbolize thoughtful seclusion and there is something unreal about them.
Blue green

In contrast, blue-green product details contain much less luminosity than yellow and appear withdrawn and thoughtful. Bluish green thus stands for unexcited calm and life experience. The Romans wisely referred to older people as viridis: from "green age".

May green

Yellow-tinged green Product details symbolize the epitome of hope. It is the color of the first leaves and grass in spring and stands for a hope for better times after a barren winter.

Yellowish may green symbolizes spring and hope - the hope for a rich harvest after a barren winter.
Light green / jade green

Light green tones stand for a meditative break, they are subtle, peaceful and modest. Quiet and simple, jade green is the color of zen, the echo of body and mind.

Dark green / fir green

The balanced character of green is enhanced in its dark nuances to a deep calm. Dark fir green symbolizes sovereignty that cannot be unsettled by anything. It also has a very calming effect on others - like eternal dense forests, dark green tones seem to swallow shrill and noise. Dark green also stands for tradition, conservative roots, the status quo as well as for strands and control. TannengrĂ¼n stands for seriousness as well as for reliability and stability.

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