Are there civil unions in Australia?


In December 2016, the country's authorities stepped up pressure on unions amid unprecedented social unrest. The UST and two other trade union organizations had been on strike since late September. The most common form of industrial action; a collective stoppage of work by employees for a certain period of time; can take many forms.

cf.General strike, intermittent strike, rolling strike, sit-in strike, sympathy strike, wildcat strike, go-ahead strike in administration, health and education organized to protest against the drastic austerity measures and outstanding wages as well as against the bad governance.

A demonstration planned for December 6th in the capital, which the women's committee of the three unions had called for, could not take place because the police blocked their access to the union building. Another women's demonstration was also stopped in Moundou, in the south of the country. Several activists were temporarily arrested.

On December 26, the head of state sharply attacked the trade unions at a political meeting in the presence of journalists and called for their dissolution if they continued to oppose the government. He also accused them of serving the opposition and trying to get rich on the backs of the workers. Embarrassed by the violence of these statements, their broadcast in the audiovisual media was subsequently banned.

During the same period, a delegation from the French trade union confederation, CGT, who wanted to support the strikers, was refused visas twice. In the urgency procedure, the government has also decided to revise the right to strike. On December 30th, the parliament approved the government's decision not to pay any more days of strikes in the future.