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10 reasons why people love their jobs

Overtime, no praise from the boss and a lot of annoying colleagues: We are always pretty good at complaining about our jobs. But what if we are completely satisfied for a change? Even more. If we can admit that we like our jobs - and really? We took a closer look at the reviews on kununu and presented: 10 reasons why you love your job.


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The reviews at a glance

"Especially at stressful times or when it's hot, the team leaders like to hand out ice cream or serve a round of beer." - Rating at O-TON

"Colleagues who become friends." - Rating at trivago

"The supervisors are mostly friendly and appreciative." - Evaluation at MARTOR KG

"Home office, flexible part-time arrangements, no expectation that you will read emails at 9 p.m. ... what more could you want!" - Evaluation at BRITA GmbH

"Very good salary - also for lateral entrants or employees without professional experience." - Rating at Closed GmbH

"I really enjoy going to work here." - Rating at acáo

“Office space leaves nothing to be desired. Indoor plants, air conditioning, for example, are standard. " - Evaluation at FHE3 GmbH

"I myself can identify well with the company." - Evaluation at Com In - group of companies

"We have a great team and nice colleagues who always stand up for one another."- Evaluation by speaker agency 5 star team

"If older colleagues leave the team to retire, tears flow." - Assessment at INVERS Versicherungsvermittlungsges. mbH