Is Sardar Patel overrated

# 42 The question does not arise - back to fascism?

May 20, 2021

Flashes of inspiration in mountaineering? Put dead when in doubt? What to do with the beaver bones? The more east the more Europe? Are there you and you professions? Do older people keep getting younger over time? Should class reunions be graded? When does "too big" start? When will Cancel Culture Candela come with a new sound? Should every Nazi have a mute button? Does eucalyptus make you scared, when is the traffic light yellow-red and who is finally doing the apple carving dance at Let's Dance?

# 41 The question does not arise - let me do it?

May 13, 2021

No pain au chocolat, no gain? Should you invest more in food? Where can you exchange Nutriscore for Gamerscore? Are delivery services mean? Is the distance to closeness getting bigger and bigger? Should Strasser stir up the botany YT game in 2021? Is our factologist hiding something from us? Does the pop industry still exist, which is the jam side of life and who takes the pumpkin?

# 40 The question does not arise - En Voque?

May 6, 2021

Can garden centers take the dog out at night? Should the bread purchase be left to the professionals? Should you take your Abi 2020 rear window sticker for a walk with pride? Are the DIY stores in Dubai open again? Do we still need songs with a message in 2021? Is Eternal Life Worth Striving for? Does Birmingham need new sheep again? Is sleep overrated, are the biggest weirdos sometimes awesome and does money often play a role?

# 39 The question does not arise - floods?

April 29, 2021

Is football about money too? Is democracy the most important social game of this century? Does the AFD stop global warming through a law? Aren't cigars and wine for little pig kids? Shouldn't Jesus actually be called Gottson, trees are sometimes Assis, does your voice count even if you can't sing at all and will "flood" soon replace 42?

# 38 The question doesn't arise - ACAB?

April 22, 2021

Do you become a Rambo through incisive kitchen experiences? Is April the official month of internet fasting? Does the customer have to stay on the carpet or is he entitled to the Cobra? Does fantasy have a realness problem in 2021? Is the Bundeswehr's latest camouflage technology currently being tested on Olaf Scholz? Do lies tend to have long legs, how should real men go to the toilet and is politics actually boring and irrelevant?

# 36 The question doesn't arise - Fin?

April 1, 2021

Is Mitch Buchannon a Karlsfelder? Detention in the driving school? Will Matlock be able to save the Strasser? Can there be billionaires? Will the POT boombox still crack € 700? Should the unconditional basic income finally be properly discussed? Does the figure of light have a total shadow? Fancy a bag of wine? Can a sweet tooth scare you? Are miracles always wonderful, can you donate via our PayPal account and does the Strasser need his ticket?

# 35 The question does not arise - feel or feel?

March 25, 2021

Is the POT Boom Box the Mona Lisa of spoken singing culture? Is there national pride in mandarins? Does Laschet need a pit bull and can I pay for it with the WireCard? Is Gunslinger the Winner Band? Is it an art to define art? Surfing to Malle for the 3rd wave? Can you give the virus the cold shoulder, should you turn Love Island on the garbage island in the future and do you sometimes have to get out of the bladder?

# 34 The question does not arise - scientist?

March 18, 2021

Is it a cross with this religion? Is the Easter Bunny related to God? Is big game hunting fun but expensive? Should a Christian have read the Bible or is it enough to follow Jesus on TikTok? The Cubans are there? Should we rethink drug policy or should it be left like that? Can school be fun? Should Strasser continue? Should Facebook introduce the field snail button, what are you in the jazz canteen and do Schalke get off?

# 33 The question doesn't arise - Vallabhbhai Patel?

March 11, 2021

Should we auction the boom box from the TOPF Studio? Is 30 € too much for the ticket to hell? Can you think about big ideas in the post? Sail around the world on a catamaran? Could the dong be the next thing? Do landlords like musicians? Does the size relate to the surface in the same way as prayer in tongues to confession? Does India have the longest, was Sleepy the half-sister of Snow White and is Godzilla too deep for the whales?