Grammar Nazis are popular

Grammar Nazi - Good or Bad?

Undoubtedly, nowadays the Russian language is on the move in difficult times: the spelling, pronunciation rules and even lexical meaning of many words are known not only to children and people far from the cultural environment, but also to those who need to understand all the subtleties and nuances of rich Russian language: Journalists, philologists and writers. The reasons for this were the following factors: firstly, it is undoubtedly a decline in the general level of culture, and secondly, of course, the Internet that took over the role of global media. In contrast to conventional media, any user can upload content to the Internet, ie there is no pre-selection. Therefore, not only unimportant, but also illiterate people are included in the network.

"A ray of light in a dark kingdom?"

Make a reservation: don't think that all of the internet content is a collection of illiterate people. The network has professional journalists and writers who communicate with cultural and educated people. They are not only concerned about the fate of the Russian language: the Nazar grammar movement has been active on the Internet (including on social networks) for several years. Let's talk more about it.

Grammar Nazi - what is it?

The term "grammar nazi" literally translates from English as "grammar nazis". The word "Nazis" should be understood slightly differently in this context. In this case, National Socialism implies the intolerance of those who frequently make mistakes when writing certain language constructs, misplaced punctuation, and denied the importance of learning and maintaining the mother tongue. Grammar Nazi is, in the broadest sense, a social movement for the purity of language.

Grammar Nazis position themselves as a kind of ecumenical cleaner of the internet environment from illiteracy and stupidity by the Philistines. You yourself put this burden on because this social movement has no clear organization, no charter, no program. In addition, the name "Grammar Nazi" has the right to everyone. In this situation, many people literally shame the honor of this organization, prove their case too aggressively, but at the same time make the simplest spelling mistakes. Some "internet dwellers" consider Nazi grammar to be too aggressive and picky people who have nothing to do with themselves in real life. Agree, repels Nazi grammar and its comparison with the Nazis and the "holy warriors of the Third Reich".

What is grammar nazi doing?

Nazi grammar does not have a clear structure and responsibilities, so anyone who regards himself as such only sits in the "public" places of the Internet (popular social networks, forums, online games) and informs everyone about his or her rights on spelling expresses terrible inconvenience to visitors and the management of the resource. Often the "Nazis" end up with a blocked account - the result of their "heroic" language activity.

Nazi organization for grammar

However, there are more organized Nazi groups in which responsibilities are clearly divided. Their representatives oversee certain websites, sometimes they help manage small resources in order to follow the linguistic norms of the content, they deliberately "delete" deliberate comments in a timely manner, that is, they act as editors. This is especially common in English-speaking countries. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, Nazi grammar is not a purely Russian "exclusive": first the movement was entirely international, and then its cells were spread across countries.

It should be noted that they don't just pay attention to the spelling: commas play a significant role for grammar Nazis. This position often leads to overt aggression in dialogue, because the placement of commas in the same sentence may be different, and in a heated state the parties to the dispute may not understand it.

Grammar Nazi: Pros and Cons

When we talk about such an interesting social movement, let's look at the pros and cons.

One of the advantages is the fact that people who describe themselves as "grammatical Nazis" do not have a perfect command of their mother tongue as they are trying to maintain its purity and originality. They want people to remember their roots, respect the culture and not lose their national identity.

On the other hand, all of the above can only be ascribed to the instigators of the movement and in no way to its full members, whom we cannot fully refer to as members. Usually they just act too aggressively, completely ignoring the opinions of others, and their main goal is to offend the person and some self-affirmation at the person's expense. This is why Nazi grammar is so biased against internet users, and the entire movement suffers from individual advocates.

Thanks to our article, we figured out who the Nazis' grammar is, what they do and how they bring their ideology to the masses, but it's good or bad - it's up to you.