How is Kenny Sebastian doing in real life

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The said passage, which he posted on Instagram at the time, addresses exactly that, Sebastian lets us know. As in music, acting is about reflecting on the real feeling - the simple, human feeling - and expressing it in a simple language that reaches people. "Read this book!" It blurts out of him. “It's full of big, important thoughts. Sometimes you have a book with you like a best friend. I've been carrying it in my pocket for weeks and have just read it again on the subway. What John and Yoko say is actually pretty simple - but it's still extremely important that someone says it at all. "

During this first conversation with Sebastian Schneider, he wears a dark gray sweater with the words on it at chest height Don't look back are to be read. Anyone who grew up in the 1990s and witnessed the rise and fall of the band Oasis - even if only casually on the radio - almost automatically feels carried away in anger to add up. “Of course it is also important to look into the past,” says Sebastian. “But I find it much more interesting to look ahead.” However, this sentence is not a motto in life, he adds. "Don't look back is a negative. If I actually had to formulate a motto for myself personally, I would always turn it into a yes - something positive. "

The actor grew up in Ottersberg in Lower Saxony, a small village near Bremen, where he attended a Waldorf school. He particularly remembers an extremely committed class teacher who spent six weeks doing the theater play with the pupils in 8th grade The Lord of the Flies rehearsed by William Golding: “Before the rehearsals, this teacher got two tons of sand and dumped it on the stage. We children should then bring various potted plants with us from home, with which we set up the set on the sand: a jungle. "

A slight grin wanders over Sebastian's face. “When I think back to it, these six weeks were the best for me,” he explains. “During this time I knew why I went to school - I was never really interested in that.” He was bored a lot as a child anyway, he admits and continues: “There was nothing else I could do at the time could muster as much strength, enthusiasm and ruthlessness as in this theater time. "