How many people use email around the world

Current study: Over 280 billion e-mails sent worldwide every day

The volume of e-mails reached a new record high this year: 281.1 billion e-mails are sent worldwide every day. Analysts expect an annual increase of at least 4.3 percent. In 2022 there would be over 333 billion emails sent worldwide in a single day.

The e-mail volume in Germany also reached a new high of 771 billion e-mails last year.

In 2018 there were more than 3.8 billion email users worldwide. That is almost half of the entire world population. The number includes both private and purely business email users. The analysts estimate that this number will rise to 4.6 billion people by 2022. This corresponds to an increase of three percent per year.


Multiple accounts per user

The number of worldwide e-mail accounts is significantly higher than the number of worldwide users. This is because more and more people create different mail accounts for different purposes. For example, a different e-mail account is often used for online shopping than for logging into social networks. It is estimated that the number of accounts per user will continue to rise significantly in the next few years. Where today there are 1.75 email accounts per registered user, it should be 1.86 accounts per user in 2022.