A grenade will explode underwater

An American stun grenade from World War II exploded during construction work on the shores of Lake Starnberg in Seeshaupt. According to the police, a 25-year-old excavator driver from Chiemgau dug the dud on Wednesday at around 9.15 a.m. near the Dampfersteg, where it ignited. Since the grenade was still under water, it smoked briefly and burned out, according to eyewitnesses. Nobody got hurt. According to the police, a detonation over water could have had serious consequences.

The find triggered a large-scale operation: the police cleared and closed the lake promenade, the fire brigade evacuated houses within a 150-meter radius, of which 30 residents were affected. Rescue workers were ready. Hauptstrasse and St.-Heinricher-Strasse were cordoned off. According to the police, there were no major traffic delays. On Lake Starnberg, the water police and water patrol set up a blockade around the site. The shipping traffic was stopped in Seeshaupt.

The ordnance disposal command secured the remains of the phosphor-containing grenade. The specialists found that it had an effective range of 30 meters. However, when it was triggered under water, the explosive force could not fully develop. Leaking phosphorus can cause severe burns.

The residents were able to return to their homes around 12.30 p.m. The bathing area remains closed for the time being because a specialist company is looking for more duds.

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