Why is MySQL more popular than PostgreSQL

Open source databases for professional use

Until recently, the database world in corporate environments was clearly and unambiguously organized: In the high-end and mid-range areas, IBM and Oracle dominated, while Microsoft collected the rest in the lower segment.

But times have changed. Recently, more and more companies all over the world have made use of open source databases. There are several reasons for this.

For example, databases with open source code are considered to be more reliable compared to commercial systems, as the control and verification mechanisms are more pronounced. Developers of open source software have a self-image that corresponds more to the scientific way of working at universities: They exchange ideas with one another and check each other's results.

Second, because the source code is open, the database system can be checked, further developed and adapted to company requirements. In commercial systems, this option usually does not exist, as Microsoft and Co consider their program code to be a closely guarded secret and only deliver it in machine-readable binary code.

Finally, the cost argument must also be considered. No user of open source databases has to pay license fees if they want to use them. The current economic situation with the increased cost pressure as well as changes in the license conditions of the established software manufacturers to the detriment of customers make it easier for many users to move towards open source.