How bad was the US civil war

American Civil War

A picture from New Orleans from 1861. On the wall are people with dark skin who are to be sold as slaves. The south left the Union because it was afraid that it would no longer be allowed to keep slaves in the future.

The American Civil War began in 1861 and lasted four years. It is also called the Civil War: "Secession" means secession. The question was whether one can keep slaves or not. At that time the southern United States separated from America. During the war, the north wanted to force the south to become part of the USA again. In the end he succeeded.

The United States or USA is also called "Union". That means something like association, because the USA consists of many individual states or member states. For a long time the member states were allowed to decide whether they would allow slavery in their home country. A slave is a person who belongs to another person, like an animal. So you can force him to work however you want.

In the United States, slavery existed only in the southern states. Many people in the north thought it was bad. After the civil war, the southern states became part of the union again. Slavery was abolished everywhere. In no war in the United States have more people died than in the Civil War: over 600,000.

The Civil War has also featured in American Hollywood films. Best known to this day is "Gone with the Wind". The film about a novel dates from 1939.

  • This is where Jefferson Davis, the president of the southern states, is celebrated.

  • The "Virginia" was a warship of the south.

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