How do you feel when you speak

My ear for you - just talk!

The idea is amazingly simple - if you are feeling lonely, do you have the feeling that the ceiling is falling on your head, then pick up the phone and dial the number 0800 500 400. At the other end, a “trained” ear is waiting for you, which listens to you, a voice that chats with you, from which a stimulating everyday conversation about God and the world develops and at the end of the telephone conversation you will feel better.

The idea originally came from England, was also established in Berlin and is now being implemented for the first time in Switzerland through a private initiative for people who feel lonely in between.

The starting shot for this initiative was given in spring 2020 in the middle of the first lockdown, quote from the website:
«As the coordinator of volunteers in the first lockdown in March 2020, the volunteers who did the shopping for the elderly told me that the people concerned particularly valued the conversation through the door or on the phone in order not to get lonely and finally with them to be able to speak to someone.

This realization led me to do some research on the subject. I discovered the project in Manchester online, the Silver Line Helpline, which started as a pilot project in 2014 and in the first year already exceeded all expectations of the initiators many times over: 300,000 callers nationwide. The Silver Line Helpline became the inspiration for the "Silbernetz" project in Berlin, which has been offering its telephone services throughout Germany since last year. The project idea for Switzerland was born, because I was sure that a project against loneliness and isolation in the second half of life would also meet a great need in Switzerland. " Daniela Goetschel-Schnizer Basel, December 6th, 2020

The two initiators Daniela & Philippe Goetschel Schnizer will start the project on March 15, 2021. Previously, the volunteers were recruited, trained and, from March 15, 21, will lend their ears to people over 50 for everyday conversations.

Thanks to a generous donation and the courtesy of Swisscom, which supported the idea, the start-up financing was secured and a quick start was made possible. Because one thing is clear: the topic of loneliness is an issue that affects society as a whole and will continue to accompany us beyond Corona.