Should I be a nudist?

Are nudists happier with their own bodies?

From TRAVELBOOK | April 14, 2018, 11:39 a.m.

According to a British study, people who spend a lot of time naked feel more comfortable in their skin - and in life in general. If that's true, our vacations should now include plenty of nudist activities.

Trample in the gym, healthy eating, and detox programs? All unnecessary! Anyone who wants to be happy with their body should simply drop their covers more often - ideally in the company of others. At least that's what British scientists claim.

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Even if the whole thing may sound a bit strange to some, the reason for the study was actually a serious topic: the widespread insecurity with one's own body, fueled by social ideals. In order to find a possible solution to this global problem, Dr. Keon West and his research team at London's Goldsmith University explored nudism motivation - after all, nudists say they are happy when they don't have to wear clothes. The test results can be read in the journal "Journal of Happiness".

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Nudists are more confident

The study began by sending online questionnaires to 850 British people. The evaluation showed that those who had been naturist for a long time and regularly led a happier life overall, were more self-confident and more satisfied with their bodies. To support the results, the university researchers attended two nudist events in UK cities and interviewed on-site participants about their body image, self-esteem and overall satisfaction. Here, too, the answers were “considerably” more positive after the respondents had undressed. Here is a short film about the investigation:

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Are you happier because others aren't perfect either?

For West and Co. it is clear that nudist activities are definitely beneficial for mental health. One of the assumptions is that looking at other naked bodies, which often do not correspond to the ideal of beauty transported in society, increases satisfaction with one's own body. However, the study could not provide any proof of this thesis. It is therefore also conceivable that being naked is sufficient to achieve a positive effect on satisfaction and self-perception.

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After all, it could also be that people who generally feel good in their body prefer to show it and have more fun with nudity. These and other questions should be clarified in further investigations.

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