How is the world so big

The South Tyroleans and the Alpine region of South Tyrol

Spring has finally come in our countries and because South Tyrol is particularly beautiful in these days when nature is awakening and new life is stirring everywhere, that's it for me again South Tyrol song invaded. But when I think about it in more detail: what about the text? No idea. Well, a little research is necessary.

Aha, there it is and what is immediately noticeable: the name South Tyrol is never mentioned. But it's no wonder, because as Karl Felderer the song wrote in the twenties of the last century was the name South-Tirol forbidden. But which one homeland Everything turns in the song becomes clear in the first stanza when the extent of South Tyrol from north to south is described:

The world is so big and wide
And full of sunshine
The most beautiful piece of it
Home is mine:
There where from a narrow cleft in the rock
The Eisack jumps out
From Sigmundskron the Etsch along
Until the Salurner Klaus ’.

How far our beautiful country extends from west to east reveals the second stanza, which also contains the first references to the eventful history of South Tyrol.

Where king Ortler his forehead
Reaching high in the air
Up to the Haunolds alpine kingdom,
That covers a thousand flowers:
There is my beautiful one Homeland
With his grief
With its proud mountain heights,
With his proud Freud ’.

And somehow I must have had the following lines in mind when I was out and about in nature during these days:

in the springwhen it's along the valley
From all buds sprout,
If on the Sciliar on the sunny slope
The winter snow melts:
I feel a longing of my own
And don't take it anymore
Home is calling me so loud
I wander out happy.

Spring in the valleys and the still snow-covered peaks of the Dolomites do that in front of your eyes hike So much fun in South Tyrol. Hhmm ... let's see what verse four says.

If in the summer solstice night
The fire quietly dies away
Everyone knows - and his heart laughs -:
The climbing time begins.
Of King Laurins rock castle,
So proud and boldly built
I got from every pinnacle often
The home I looked at.

Yes, who does not know the legends and stories about King Laurin and his dwarf people who are said to have lived in the rock kingdom. Of course, the story about how the Enrosadria, the sunset, came about should not be missing:

Then come with his glory
The autumn into the country
And all the cellars fill up
With local fire wine.
You then sit with a full glass
And sings a happy song
When in the evening twilight
The rose Garden glows.

And of course the good South Tyrolean wine ... That Törggelen, the smell of freshly roasted Keschtn ... It seems to me that the song really encompasses everything that defines South Tyrol. I wasn't really aware of it. But wait, something is still missing. Let's see:

The year goes by, time goes by;
And quietly overnight
Covers your homeland in mountains and valleys
Of winters white splendor.
Leads to a little hut
The trace of mine ski,
And in the evening sounds from the mountain into the valley
Quietly the melody: ...

And there we have it, the South Tyrolean winter. With skiing fun, a hearty stop at a hut and lots of snow. But the original of the song still has one more verse:

Open it and toggle the glasses,
The applies homeland my:
The mountains high, the green valley,
My girl and that Wine!
And when one day, I'm so sorry,
My light of life goes out
I'm happy that heaven too
As beautiful as home is!

Since my memory as far as the lyrics of the song is concerned, it was quite clouded. This shows once again that you should take the time now and then to bring out things that you think you know.

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