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Maharashtra (Sanskrit: महाराष्ट्र Mahārāṣṭra m.) is one of the 29 Indian states. The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai, the former Bombay. The official language is called Marathi and is written in the Devanagari script.

Maharashtra महाराष्ट्र Mahārāṣṭra pronunciation

Here you can hear how the Sanskrit word Maharashtra, महाराष्ट्र, Mahārāṣṭra is pronounced:


The Indian state Maharashtra was created as a new administrative unit in 1960, when the state of Bombay, which was founded with Indian independence in 1947, was divided into the two states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Area and population

With an area of ​​just over 307 700 km², Maharashtra is the third largest Indian state after Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. With a population of around 112 million (2011), it takes second place after Uttar Pradesh in the whole of India.


Marathi, spoken by approximately 69 percent of the population, is the main language in Maharashtra. Along with Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali, it belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. Other languages ​​spoken in Maharashtra are Hindi (approx. 11 percent of the population), Urdu (approx. 7 percent), and Gujarati (approx. 2.5 percent) as well as English, which is used throughout India as a lingua franca and educational language. Some Adivasi languages ​​such as Bhili, Gondi, Kolami and Korku are spoken by a total of around 4.5 percent of the population of Maharashtra.


Almost 80 percent of Maharashtra's residents are Hindus, followed by around 12 percent Muslims and 6 percent Buddhists. The remaining 2 percent are divided between Jainas, Christians, Parsees and Jews.

Sukadev via Maharashtra

(Transcription of a lecture video (2014) by Sukadev on Maharashtra)

Maharashtra is one of the largest Indian states, the capital is Bombay, now called Mumbai. India is a federal state, which means that it consists of many individual states. India has just as many states, or even more, than Europe, has more languages ​​than Europe, and has twice as many inhabitants as Europe. If you still see historical India, where Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and parts of Tibet and Sri Lanka also belong. All in all, India has around one and a half billion inhabitants and therefore has even more inhabitants than China if you now include the entire Indian subcontinent.

And there is one of the states of Maharashtra and the capital is Mumbai. And Maharashtra is a federal state with its own language, culture and identity. Most Indians, except now those who are in Uttar Pradesh and Madhyama Pradesh, most Indians see themselves primarily as part of a state.

In Kerala they have an identity as Keralese, in Tamil Nadu as Tamils, in Gujarati they feel like Gujaratis and in Bengal they feel like Bengals and only secondarily as Indians. And it is similar in Maharashtra. So, Maharashtra - one of the important Indian states, the capital is Mumbai, the economic center of India.

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Different spellings for Maharashtra

Sanskrit words are written in Devanagari in India. In order for Europeans to be able to read this, Devanagari is transcribed into Roman script. There are various conventions on how Devanagari can be transcribed into Roman script. Maharashtra in Devanagari is written "माहाराष्ट्र", in IAST scientific transcription with diacritical marks "māhārāṣṭra", in Harvard-Kyoto transcription "mAhArASTra", in Velthuis transcription "maahaaraa. s.tra ", in the modern Internet Itrans transcription" mAhArAShTra ".

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