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In the podcast "Sohn sucht Vater" we accompany our moderator Thorsten Otto in the search for his biological father. You can now listen to the story of the careful approach of two men here

Status: March 31, 2021

At Bayerischer Rundfunk, Thorsten Otto is the man for good conversations on the radio. On BAYERN 1 he welcomes exciting guests on the "Blue Couch" from Monday to Thursday from 7pm. His most personal conversation is the one he has waited longest for: the first conversation with his biological father.

Where can you listen to the podcast "Sohn sucht Vater"?

All six episodes of the new podcast "Son seeks father - the true story of Thorsten Otto" are now in the ARD audio library, the BR Podcast Center, at itunes, at Spotify and available at FYEO, to listen, download, take away.

Thorsten Otto's story

"I thought about telling my story for a long time, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who have experienced something similar and who, like me, grew up with a blind spot in their hearts."

Thorsten Otto

Thorsten Otto tells touchingly and ruthlessly honestly how he found out at the age of 13 after an argument that "papa" is not his biological father at all. It was only as a young journalist that he dared to find his mother's childhood sweetheart.

The first encounter: a failure. Then, a quarter of a century later, they are both ready for their first real conversation. "Son seeks father" is the story of the careful approach of two men. Thorsten Otto asks directly and allows unusually intimate insights.

"I still remember standing in a phone booth at the age of 20 and dialing my father's number with trembling fingers - a man I had never seen before. In this documentary podcast I tell you about the search for my own Father Willi. "

Where can you listen to the podcast "Sohn sucht Vater"?

Thorsten Otto's podcast in the BR Podcastcenter

Thorsten Otto's podcast in the ARD Audiothek

Thorsten Otto's podcast on Spotify

Thorsten Otto's Podcast on iTunes