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Boost Testosterone - Natural and Effective Ways

In our society it is quite common for young men to suffer from a testosterone deficiency. Unlike in the past, nowadays there are many things that harm our testosterone production. This leads to very unpleasant phenomena, such as impotence, weak erections, obesity, hair loss and perhaps an emotional, feminine disposition. Affected people are often tired and listless and have little interest in tackling things and are often unable to get to know women properly.

So no matter what age you are, there are numerous ways to increase testosterone that we want to take a closer look at in this article.

Of course, it is important to be willing to change something. You need to break out of your comfort zone to get the benefits of healthy testosterone production.

These are for example:

    • good potency
    • better sperm production
    • more energy
    • easier muscle building
    • easy fat loss
    • Self-confidence
  • greater attractiveness to women
  • more motivated and determined
  • less fears and less doubts
  • more sociable
  • more active

As you can see, there are quite a few things that can be achieved and all that is required is willpower at first!

So how can you increase testosterone naturally and without side effects?

In general, this can be divided into 2 areas. These areas are:

Part 1 - Proper Behavior For More Testosterone

Many men think that nutrition or nutritional supplements are the most important thing. I disagree here, however. The behavior should be changed first, like this:

Getting Rid of Porn Addiction - Holding Back Seeds

This is a big problem in this day and age. In this article on porn addiction and nofap, I detailed everything about it and how it changes a man. Most men may secretly know that daily masturbation and pornography are very damaging to their manhood.

So if this applies to you and you are constantly pleasuring yourself, then stop doing it! And if you do it skillfully, you will experience such an ingenious testosterone boost.

Strength training and intense workouts

When you've stopped masturbating (or haven't done anyway), then hard training should begin. Above all, muscle training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) help to increase testosterone.

It is often enough to train all major muscle groups in one training session (2-3 times a week). Of course, that depends on your level of training. You will notice that you will feel more masculine afterwards and your body will produce more testosterone.

it is similar for very intensive interval training (e.g. alternating for 15 minutes: sprinting for 30 seconds, running for 2 minutes).

What you should avoid, however (at least when it comes to increasing testosterone), are long endurance sports. Here the body produces too much cortisol, which has a negative effect on testosterone production.

Losing weight is very important!

If you are overweight, or even obese, you should definitely lose weight. This is where aromatase comes in. It ensures that the testosterone is converted into estrogen. So the bigger your belly, the worse it is.

Studies have shown several times that obese men have particularly great problems when it comes to these issues.

healthy lifestyle

One should also not forget the general lifestyle. If you have a lot of stress, your body especially likes to produce cortisol, which counteracts T production. So you should avoid unnecessary stress and you should definitely get enough sleep! That is also very important.


As you can see, if you masturbate every day, are overweight, stressed and do not do any sport, then this is a severe blow to your testosterone production!


Part 2 - Diet and Supplements to Boost Testosterone

In the first part I already described how harmful being overweight is for your manhood. So what food is good for boosting testosterone? And which supplements do you need?

the right nutrition for men !?

Saturated fat is frowned upon these days, as is cholesterol. Still, these are things that are actually really good for T production, while other (supposedly healthy) foods are bad for this.

Beef (unprocessed) is very good. Of course, there is joy. Coconut milk is also good. You should never forget fish and of course coffee.

Of course, carbohydrates are also very important. Different types of vegetables are perfectly fine here, especially green vegetables such as broccoli. Carrots are good too.

Drinking a few raw eggs in the evening also seems to boost testosterone production significantly, as this takes place mainly during sleep.

What to do without?

You should avoid mint and peppermint. You should also remove soy from your diet. Unfortunately, cow's milk is also bad.

Many of these foods cause estrogen levels to rise and are therefore bad for us.

Of course, you should also avoid trans fatty acids (e.g. French fries and other things from the deep fryer), as well as all sugary foods and drinks. These are also harmful to your manhood.


Don't forget the containers that hold food and drinks. Basically you should use glass and avoid plastic (and sheet metal)!


Nutritional Supplements - Which Supplements Are Good for T Production?

Your body can respond to the Minerals zinc and magnesium do not waive. Above all a Zinc deficiency seems to be a reason for too low T values ​​more often. When it comes to vitamins, it is Vitamin D To be highlighted (by sun light). Supplementation can be useful, especially in winter. A multivitamin dietary supplement makes sense, especially if you have a poor diet. Is very important too Vitamin K2 (in green vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts) that has been shown to increase T production.

Aside from these very basic supplements, there are a few that have a major impact on hormone production. They often ensure better testosterone levels by reducing the cortisol level or the estrogen level.

The most important ones I've been able to find so far are these:

  • Ashwagandha (very good for T production when cortisol production is too high)
  • black maca (stimulates sperm production)
  • OPC grape seed extract (reduces the estrogen production of aromatase in the body)
  • Pomegranate extract (also helps to lower estrogen production)
  • Creatine (also increases the T values)


Conclusion - so what should you do?

So there are some good supplements that can boost testosterone. In my experience, these also help very well. However, if you don't change your lifestyle for good, the effect will be too little. In other words:

If you stay obese and lazy and you continue to satisfy yourself every day, then these supplements are not necessarily going to be enough to really boost testosterone.

So it is important that you change your lifestyle:

  • no more watching porn, just ejaculating with real women!
  • Lose weight (if overweight)
  • intense exercise, if possible (of course, do not overload)
  • pay attention to the diet!
  • possibly nutritional supplements useful






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