What are some great starters for the vacation

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Noodles - delicious, filling and incredibly versatile

If you are looking for delicious, inexpensive recipes, you will come across a wide variety of pasta dishes comparatively quickly. Noodles can not only be combined with many different sauces, they also taste great when mixed with different desserts.

Another advantage: if you accidentally cook too many pasta, you can optionally reheat it in the next few days (if stored in the refrigerator).

In search of a more conscious form of diet, many choose to cook whole wheat pasta. Depending on the training goal, these are also great for being integrated into everyday sports.

The "leftover food" - popular and flexible

It is not uncommon for tasty, inexpensive recipes to be based on dishes from the previous day. Lots of dishes are great for simply reheating them again. Sometimes completely new dishes are created, for example in the form of stews and soups.

But be careful! Some dishes may change their original taste when they are reheated and become a little hotter! Classic example: chili con carne.

Carrots and potatoes - great, healthy fillers!

Carrots and potatoes not only go well together, but are also able to satiate you over a longer period of time.

Even larger amounts of these popular ingredients are only a minor burden on the budget. This is surely one of the best proofs that delicious dishes don't have to be expensive.

Whether in the mix as a delicious carrot-mashed potato or in the form of carrot stew, fried potatoes or casserole: the possibilities to conjure up a tasty main course or a great side dish are extremely versatile.

Salad with imaginative toppings

A creatively prepared salad doesn't have to be expensive either! On the contrary! Ingredients such as lettuce, corn, tomatoes and the like can usually be bought cheaply.

If you feel like a little more variety, you can also opt for poultry strips and / or croutons. The latter can also be made very easily yourself, for example from leftover bread from the day before.

The vinegar-oil variant is recommended as a cheap form of dressing.

Tips for cheap cooking: the amount is often the decisive factor

In order to be able to cook cheaply, you also need the right estimate of the amount required in each case. After all, it would be a shame to have to throw away a large part of your food because it was calculated incorrectly.

It is therefore particularly useful to fall back on empirical values ​​and, if necessary, to note them down. This makes it easier, especially in connection with an upcoming visit, to estimate the right amount.

At the same time, it is also advisable to cook according to a meal plan in everyday life. This should then of course be adapted to current offers from the food sector. Often it is the seasonal products that can help save the wallet a little. Articles that have a longer shelf life can also be bought "in stock" under certain circumstances.