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Kitchen scales test 2021 • The 7 best kitchen scales in comparison

What is a kitchen scale?

In one test it was found that a kitchen scale is an indispensable helper in the kitchenis. It is used to precisely measure various ingredients, such as flour or sugar. Especially when baking, the exact quantities of ingredients are in the comparison essential. Today there are two types of kitchen scales: digital or analog models.

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How do kitchen scales work?

Electronic Kitchen scales from a proficiency test are particularly popular and work with a housing that protects against Air movements serves.

In addition, special damping is used for comparison, which reduces vibrations.

For the exact calculation on the other hand, programs are available calibration in front. Those allow ranges of a few hundred grams with a sensitivity of about 0.1 milligrams.

Areas of application

A pair of scales Comparison table can score in many different areas. The sample shows that scales are indispensable for baking. Since exact quantities of ingredients are mandatory when baking so that the baked goods reach the desired consistency, a comparison winner must be used beforehand. Test but also a kitchen scale for conventional cooking. You can do various ingredients measure and thus cater to your needs in the best possible way. However, the evaluation also shows that today's scales in large kitchens, bakeries or laboratories are used.

What types of kitchen scales are there?

Analog kitchen scales

Since many Decades the analog scales are simply part of it. As a study shows, it is one of the most important utensils in the kitchen. The analog kitchen scales are also often referred to as mechanical or manual scales. Displaying the Results takes place via a scale with a pointer. Compared to digital models, the matches are with the actual Weight not so accurate.

At the same time, most of them own Analog scales only a low load capacity in the product test. In addition, they appear bulky and weighty when compared. Plus points are the high stability, the nostalgic touch and the independent Power supply.


  • No power supply necessary
  • Hardly any susceptibility to defects
  • High stability
  • Chic retro design


  • Less accurate in comparison
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Low load capacity

Digital kitchen scales

A digital You must not lose sight of the scales from a test when the species are juxtaposed. In comparison, a digital scale is considered to be essential more precise. It also offers a flat construction and a simple design.

The large variety of functions speaks in favor of this type in the product test. The LC display, which is often illuminated, also impresses during the test run.

The disadvantage is that you Batteries need for operation. In addition, an experiment has shown that the digital scales are usually more prone to defects. Even the minor one stability tarnishes the best test result.


  • Sample shows precise measurement results
  • Large range of functions
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Flat and compact design
  • Illuminated LC display


  • Always requires batteries
  • In comparison, more prone to failure
  • Less stability

Possible test criteria


The material determines the elevation of the Kitchen scales in the test. Are worthwhile Products with stainless steel surface or completely made of stainless steel. They are high quality and durable. in the comparison safety glass or plastic are of inferior quality.

Fine division

With the fine division you indicate how exactly they Kitchen scales in comparison measures. Analog scales often offer a fine division of 20 grams, whereby digitalModels are 0.1 grams.

Load capacity

How much Weight can you put it on the kitchen scales? An inspection shows that a high Load capacity makes perfect sense. At least five kilograms should be present.


In comparison, the Kitchen scales easy and simple to use. Therefore, a previous practical test helps further to the handling Suitability to consider.


Today's kitchen scales im test offer many different Functions, which you don't all need.


Is the Kitchen scales from a test open in the kitchen, also plays that design a crucial role.

Weighing bowl

It is practical if your Libra from a test with a Weighing bowl Is provided. This makes weighing the ingredients much easier.

Operating mode

With digital kitchen scales, you have to take a close look at the operating mode.
There is a high degree of similarity, with most of the models tested using batteries.

Presentation of the top 10 manufacturers / brands

  • Soehnle
  • Etekcity
  • Benon
  • Beurer
  • Alegender
  • Diyife
  • Dr. Oetker
  • GOURMETmaxx
With Soehnleyou bring many different scales home with you. They have a high degree of congruence, but are also very diverse in the investigation. It is practical that the digital scales react after just a few milliseconds, whereby the hold function ensures that the weight display freezes for ten seconds if the display is covered.
The products from ADORIC are inexpensive. The analysis proves that you are getting a very good scale that is suitable for baking and cooking. The 18/8 stainless steel platform allows a long service life, with a chic petite design.
The exact measurement is at Etekcityvery popular, which is why it works with a one-gram graduation. The robust stainless steel design ensures the necessary durability, with the test grade being further improved by the large LC display.
RIUIN offers a high level of control. Thanks to the touch-sensitive touch buttons, you can easily adjust the kitchen scales from a test. Compared to the other offers, RIUIN works with safety glass.
Benon is worth weighing up, because you get four high-precision sensors for accurate measurement results. The brand also scores points in the analysis thanks to the large LED screen with lighting.
Beurer should be tested by you, because you get a household scale with a high load capacity of up to 15 kilograms. There are also many different weighing results that can be read on the LED display.
Comparisons Alegender with the other manufacturers and you will notice a high level of precision and load capacity. In addition, the manufacturer works in comparison with an intelligent design and high-quality sensor touch technology.
In an experiment you will Diyife inspire. You get accurate results, easy handling and a high quality design. The LC display will also help you with the test.
It turns out to be very nostalgic Dr. Oetker, which is why the scale is especially worth seeing. It enchants with a load capacity of two kilograms, high precision and easy reading of the values.
Convinced in the test GOURMETmaxxthanks to a retro design in 20 gram increments. The zero position is adjusted manually, whereby the mechanical functionality is less susceptible in comparison.


10 common disadvantages based on customer reviews on Amazon

The scale weighs too much in comparison.

The accuracy is not sufficient.

The materials reduce the shelf life.

The batteries empty quickly.

Slow to zero.

The material is not high quality enough.

A larger contact surface is desired for the test.

The processing weakens in comparison.

There are not enough weighing units.

The cleaning turns out to be complicated.

Stiftung Warentest kitchen scales test - the results

Stiftung Warentest states that they are good Housewares are affordable from just 20 euros. Especially Germans Manufacturer have excelled.

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