Why does it always rain in England

Who said that it always rains in England?

Hello my love,

the last two weeks have been very eventful here again. For me with hardly a break to take a deep breath, but who knows me well knows that this is exactly the state in which I feel good: D After we had been well looked after with guests for the previous weeks, it shouldn't be that fast either change… and so on Wednesday evening Zhanna, a Ukrainian girl who is also doing her voluntary service here in England and whom we had met at one of the seminars, came to visit. Before her return trip (which by the way is this Saturday) she wanted to see something of the north of England and we were happy to be able to play a bit of tourist guide. First, however, she first had to go exploring herself, as we unfortunately had to work Thursday and Friday. We spent the evenings very comfortably with long conversations, old but ingenious films (including the daredevil men), sangria and parmo ... that's the way to live;) On Saturday we finally enjoyed the brilliant beach weather together by taking a walk went to Saltburn by the sea, relaxed there in the gardens and drank an ingenious hot chocolate ... with cream, marshmallows and chocolate chips <3 <3 And to my astonishment I found that there are actually even bigger chocoholics than me: D

On Sunday we had to say goodbye to Zhanna again, but not for long in my case, as I was supposed to attend her and Rosie's (her roommate) farewell party the following Friday.

The weather continued to show its best side during the week and so I was more than motivated to do several long runs after work. I have now officially registered for the “Great North Run”, a half marathon that will take place in Newcastle in September, and I am curious whether I will manage to maintain a successful training session :) By the way, I will collect money for Marske Hall for the run and of course I hope to win as many sponsors as possible ... when I saw the North Run on a schedule of fundraising events in the dormitory, I was immediately thrilled! I go jogging here regularly anyway and just thought it was a brilliant idea to combine the whole thing with a good cause - where once in my life running a half marathon / marathon is also on my imaginary bucket list;)

In terms of work, it looked quite calm and relaxed to me at the beginning of the week, as some of the service users were on vacation in Spain. I used this to familiarize our residents with a little classical music - together we designed posters with all the animals from Camille Saint-Säen's “Carnival of the Animals”, which we then presented together with the music. I was really touched and happy that they actually liked it very much (even if classical music is never heard here) and some even got very emotional - it's just a great piece too! The next project I already have in mind is "Peter and the Wolf";)

Yes, and then it was Friday again and I was on the six-hour bus on the way to London ... until I finally got home to Zhanna and Rosie (after the bus trip I had to survive the subway and another train ride!) it was already evening and the party could start. Besides a lot of volunteers, all of whom I already knew through my arrival training and the Dafna party, but had not seen many for months, a few au pairs from the area were also invited. We had set up tables in the garden under a tarpaulin and with a radiant heater it became very cozy despite the cool temperatures. It was really nice and interesting to talk to everyone about what they had been through lately and what plans are still outstanding. There was a party inside and outside until late at night, some highlights include dancing in the rain around the garden pond, massage chains in the kitchen and singing in the living room;)

When all the guests had left the next morning except for Matthias, a volunteer from Austria, and me, Zhanna showed us her workplace, which - you won't believe it - is a radio studio! She caught a brilliant EVS project where she works as a presenter for a radio station that is completely run by volunteers. Once a week she has her own live radio show there and this time we were both allowed to take part. Understandably, we were very nervous when she provided us with headphones and professional-looking microphones and said, “okay, you'll be on the air in 10 seconds!” But then it got really cool - we told a little bit about what we're doing here in England , of our hobbies and played a few German / Austrian hits for the English audience. Only our stomachs showed us after a while that the hour had passed really quickly and that it was time to fill it with something to eat. Matthias and I first went jogging (you have to take advantage of it if you find a jogging partner;)), before the three of us prepared and enjoyed a lot of pancakes with three different fillings :) As a cozy end there was a Harry- Potter marathon (but only a planned one, due to exhaustion we unfortunately didn't make it past part 2: D) with ice cream and tea (strange mixture, I know, but still great :)). The following day I spent in a zombie-like trance (I'm just not used to sleep much: P) but also relaxed and happy from the beautiful weekend on my way home to the north, where I found Soraya, our cozy couch and a cup Already expected tea. Home, sweet home! :)